Tue, May. 2nd, 2017

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Even my Subeta HA got in on the action doing a little Sam Winchester cosplay. He was just too cute not to share.
 photo 657232 Sam Winchester Cosplay_zpsjezvqrjy.png
It's kind of funny, one of the first things you have to do when you set up a Subeta account is prove that you understand how different aspects work, including shopping, so they give you a tiny amount of start up money and make you buy an article of clothing (they do also give you an complete outfit so your HA isn't running around naked) and that plaid shirt was the first clothing item I bought. The laptop came soon after. A friend of mine in the game thought it was so funny that he was so “Sam like” and gifted me the “fallen angel rag doll” that Snappy is holding, which was the first gift he ever got. That was two years ago. Because of this, it is worked into his backstory that he is a huge fan of this show called “Otherworldly” about this guy Sean and his little brother Dan who travel around in a muscle car fighting demons and ghosts and stuff.

If you could see my account profile page, it shows you all the layers of his outfit, even the ones you can't see on the finished product, like his socks and underwear. He's got a ghostie shirt under his flannel. (There is a TON of Supernatural themed items in this game, including the Samulet, backgrounds with crossroads and the impala and the panic room, among other things. Snappy even has a “toy hunters car” and demon blood in gallon milk jugs as well.)

Now, if only I could find him a Sam wig.


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