Tue, May. 16th, 2017

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italics = goal; bold = progress; strikeout = done;

*Attacks May like a barbarian horde*

Central Goal (Declutter Like I am Moving to Seattle):
Spend 20 Minutes Per Day Clearing Emails; Spend 20 Minutes Per Day Clearing Social Media Folder;

Hearth and Home (and any leisure goals that are not social):
Continue Reading Challenge; Spooky Everyday; One Winter Holiday Thing Per Week; Don't Forget to Fill Happy Jar;

Drink More Water (Drinking less water this month, but drinking more consistently.); Continue Planning Breakfasts; Create Bedtime Routine (Still no routine, but I am actually going to bed instead of just passing out wherever it is I may be.); Food Journal (Failing epically); Journal; Walk Five Days a Week (I walked four days last week and two the week before);

Spirituality (anything that would have fallen under the category of “Work on Spiritual Study for One Hour a Day”):
One Hour Study Per Day; Weather Journal; Pay Attention to Moon Phases; Continue Spring Cleaning; Work on Digital Book; May Day; Focus on Career Goals; Candles; Rain; Growth; Healing; Knowledge; Women's Mysteries; Fertility; Masculine Energy; Fire; Merry Month Table; Groom Hands & Feet (I bought a new case to store all my stuff. The old one has been falling apart for years. Its perfect in every way, except for being hideously pink.); Retire Expired Sunscreen; Jello Eggs; Make Yard Plan (Mom is figuring out where she wants her garden grid and where the compost bin will be relocated.); Work on Lugh Offerings;

Weekly Lunch with Mom; Send Something to Peanut; Talk to Mandy; Metaphysical Festival (20th &21st); Azalea Festival (Is the festival actually happening this year?); Vesnali Subeta (It's here! It's finally here! And this year, there shall be the most awesome wedding ever. And I hate weddings.); Mother's Day (14th) (Mom still hasn't remembered what she wanted me to get her, but I did make her some large jewelry bases at the polymer clay workshop she is plotting what to do with and I cut her hair on Monday.);

Career (& Finances):
Track Spending;

Art Change 1st (Pick Up Paintings); Letter to Drawing Group; Assist with Janice Demo (It went well. We are both hams.); Polymer Clay Workshop;

Write Everyday; Official Check In; May the Fourth; Pagan Fest Bingo (The person running it never started it and the allbingo mod officially announced its not happening/looking for a replacement yesterday); SPN Horror Bang Sign Ups? (Still don't know if this is a thing this year or not);



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