Fall Term 2

Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008 02:04 am
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Well, now that I am well rested I shall continue my summary of fall term.

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Sun, Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:54 am
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Fall term is long over and done with but it was my last term at school. A lot happened then and I don't actually remember the details too well. But it was important enough and eventful enough that I thought that I should at least try to sum up my last term, under a cut of course.

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Not that I haven't bored you enough with my vague account of fall term but there will be a part two! But not until after breakfast, and maybe a nap.

First Week

Sun, Sep. 30th, 2007 08:40 pm
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I have now gone through a week of classes, so here is my assessment of my classes this term:
History of Photography of the American West: It should be an interesting class. I'm glad I decided to take it. When I was registering for classes I wanted to take this one and German Cinema and they were both at the same time. I think I made the right choice. The professor has been a museum curator for many years so that factors into his teaching style. At the same time he is very passionate about the topic and about trying to include new technology into his lectures, even though he doesn't quite know how to use it.
Humanities 101: I am bored out of my skull. Most days I find myself closely examining the graffiti on the chair of the desk in front of me. It is a freshmen intro class that I am taking solely because I need a certain amount of credits to be a full time student and it counts for nothing and I wanted an easy A. I have learned most of the material earlier in higher leveled classes. I also have some weird middle school like busy work assignments that are due during discussion sections. Lucky me the grad student that leads mine doesn't care about them either and is learning everything along with the class.
Meditation: Hate it. I liked the previous meditation class I have taken but this one is much different. The instructor freaks me out a little and she is assuming more knowledge from the class than we have, even though she asked us about our knowledge levels the first day of class. she is also incorporating yoga and other exercise into the class, which is fine, I guess. But she has to correct our positions and I understand why it is necessary but I don't like being touched by strangers, or in general usually. I'd drop it but I am trying to view it as a worthy challenge.
Illuminated Manuscripts: Big surprise, we haven't done anything yet but have a huge amount of reading due on Tuesday, that I haven't done yet. The professor is also my academic adviser. I need to talk to her about my pass/no pass options.
Well those are my classes. I shall give you the lowdown on work and the fun stuff tomorrow. Now I must sleep.

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"A Little Geeky"

Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Friday was Freebies at Freddy's. It pretty much sucked but I got to spend time with Hoobie. I went in for batteries and a lock. I came out with batteries, a lock, a beware of cat sign, temporary hair dye, groceries and a cool hat. Its a cheap red vinyl "biker" hat with devil horns...and a small tail.

Saturday was Intermingle. It was the first time I have gone to Intermingle since I have been here. Either it just wasn't very good this year or it has been really overrated in the past. There were some nice freebies though.

Saturday I also made a sign for our door. Each year, each hall/floor has themed name signs for the occupants. Ours are these green and yellow pirate ducks. My roommate and I weren't really feeling it, so I made us a new sign. By the way downstairs their signs are Calvin and Hobbes comics. I used a black and white pic of Bam for the base and I wrote our names in red using a font I got at http://www.dafont.com/, called Cold Night for Alligators. There was an awkward space in the corner so I put a spray paint heartagram pic I found in the corner. I "laminated" it, so now it has this film grain effect to it. Then I hung it up using purple duct tape. It looks pretty good, especially since I used Microsoft word to do it. I really need a better editing program than any of the ones I have.

Sunday I got my nose pierced. It was amazing and I just love it. I did get one compliment from Volvoboy. I don't know if it was sincere or not but I thought I should just take it and run. My roommate, Hairball, and powderpuffboy watched me get it done. They had fun. Hairball wanted the guy to do it with the toothpick. He said he liked us. He also said that he liked how easy I was to do (the girl before me had been very difficult). "That was easy, you just laid there and let me do it" (we are talking about piercing my nostril people, no funny business!). The group of us went to pizza afterwards. I got a hoop with a bead (they always do a kind with a bead for your first hoop). I picked out a purple cat eye stone for the bead. I thought it was very fitting, although some people think it is pink. Arg, look closer it is white and purple people! As always my first though was after I got it done was I want another piercing.

Today was the first day of classes and work. I had History of Photography of the American West, Humanities 101, and Meditation today. For the photography class we are going to have to make these online galleries/journals on flickr. In Humanities 101 we discussed what Humanities was and some appalling facts. Now these appalling facts I have learned in other classes but I am taking an freshmen intro class my 5th year so this is to be expected. Appalling facts: Because we are not gods, we die, because we are not animals, we are aware of it, because we are not gods our lives are unpredictable, because we are not animals, we are aware of it, even though we sometimes need reminding (thats what the Greeks are for). I don't know how I feel about meditation class yet.
My first day of work was exactly how I expected it to be. I filed for two hours and tomorrow I shall do it for four. Although my boss made this comment as I was leaving "I like that, you come in, you do your job, and then you clock out. I like that." Was something different expected of me?

coming soon:
New digs review (its done but I am too lazy to post)
Venus Doom review(again too lazy to post)
A F-locked Roommate review (I want to give it till the end of the week)

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Remember when I said Tuesdays suck? Well...TUESDAYS SUCK! To continue with yesterday, I registered for classes yesterday. I only need to take three classes next fall and I found three that would make up the perfect schedule, one I don't really care for the professor but I love the subject matter, the other two are classes I like with professors I love. Unfortunately, the two with the professors I love are at the same time, so I can't take them both and it just screws up my schedule all the way around because nothing else really fits and meets the requirements I need. All I can do now and hope that I don't screw up my GPA this term and at least pass everything in the fall, because I have no wiggle room for screwing up. And considering how my papers are going and how my Islamic Art and Architecture midterm went, things are not looking good. Also I got my Limited Edition Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 dvd yesterday. You would think this would be a good thing but no. I was excited because my computer is supposed to work as a multi-region player (I'm in the US and the dvd is from the UK so the dvd isn't really compatible with my player). Anyway, This turned out to be a lie. The bonus disk worked fine. On a whim I tried the bonus disk in my regular dvd player and it worked there too, which is rather odd. So I tried the other disk and it didn't work, no surprise there. But it wouldn't work in my computer either. One of the players on my computer let me change its region but its temporary and I can only do it four times. So I watched it because I didn't know how long it was going to be able to. It is very good and very beautifully put together. I'll come up with a long term solution later. Then I got the kitty news. Then I went to work. I didn't get to nap before work and I had to work with BM last night. She all but admitted to being drunk and was her usual unhelpful self. Not that there is a lot to do on the 11pm -8am shifts but she doesn't do anything and then expects people to pity her cause she "works so hard and is up all night." She slept for 4 hours of her shift last night and last time I worked with her she slept for 6 1/2 hours of her shift. And of course I have an 8:30 class after work. I honestly have no idea what we talked about today. I took notes but I can't read them. Then I had to do to office hours to get a picture okayed for a paper I'm writing. She loved it and wants me to do it (its the cover of the Oct 2005 Metal Hammer with Ville Valo on it) but she wants me to bring in the whole magazine. I can't! And whats more on the instructions it says reproductions of the picture and she hasn't asked anyone else to include the whole magazine. I have scans of the cover and of the Him article (she wants me to include information from the article as well) but the magazine belongs to my friend and she is 2 time zones away. So tomorrow I get to go talk to her again and hope I can make my case. Otherwise I'm writing about a fashion ad like everyone else. Then I sent a text I shouldn't of as I was running to class. Again no idea what happened in that class either but I took much better notes. Then I had to run to the library. I have only been able to find 2 books for one of my research papers and I had to order one of them from another university and it isn't here yet. The paper is due next Thursday. I spent the rest of the day trying to get kitty news and calm Martini down( because I freaked her out with my text). Not even Euro Rock Radio cheered me up. I have also missed all meals except breakfast. My low blood sugar is very upset with me. Lets hope I don't waste tomorrow.

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