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Thu, May. 1st, 2008 02:51 pm
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In honor of my new hair color, my favorite hair products:
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Beginnings 4/10

Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 08:25 am
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I did manage to make it to the beach a few times this summer. That is the whole point of going home right? Most of the time I was there I just ate lunch there and watched the tourists. One time I saw a bunny playing amongst the squirrels but I think I may have already wrote about that. One of the times I was down there about dusk, it is the perfect time to go because the tourists are about gone because it is too cold for them, I got some cool pics I hope to post soon. Another time I went down was in the midst of the tourists. They are interesting to watch. Most of the tourists we get are either hippies or bikers, but in the last few years we have been getting a good number of families too. There was this one cowboy there and from just watching him you could tell that he had never seen the ocean in person before. There were lots of interesting people there but he sticks out in my mind the most. The other person that really sticks out in my mind is this woman that came up to talk to me when I was rinsing my feet at the faucet. The wind was blowing so my hair was flying everywhere and there is this short wall (about to my chest but not quite) in front of the faucet. My hair is also several shades of green and blonde. And she said she had to tell me that as she was walking up, when I was bent down washing my feet that I looked like mermaid emerging from the ocean. That was kind of cool, especially considering all the flack I have been getting. Although she wasn't the first person this summer to say I had mermaid hair.

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I really need to do something with my hair. I don't know what exactly but something. To start off I need to trim it. The usual 6 inches should do. And half of it is green. No I didn't dye it again. The blue dye turns green and I can't dye over it and I can't bleach it out. Also I just need something different. I love the length and the sexy curl thing I can get it to do but I can't really do anything with it. Nor can any hairdressers I have come across. It's thick, curly, corse, and rejects just about anything you do to it. I can barely dye it. It's been called bulletproof. It has also been called a hairdresser's nightmare. I've done braids and fake dreds. They didn't look bad but I am trying to get a job. Layers don't work with my hair type and I am not able to keep up with the massive amount of upkeep straightening it would require. The only way it would be wash and go would be if I shave my head. That isn't happening. My head is lumpy.
Why the hair rant you ask? Because today I accomplished nothing! Every part of my body is sore. Part of me is black and blue. Its hot and humid. And I am just flat out tired. Tomorrow I have to get things done because Wednesday I am going to that "career" help place with my aunt. I need to do laundry, clean my room, and go to the bank as well. Of course I may just play on facebook all day. It is what I tried to do today but we kept needing the phone, so I kept having to have to go offline. It just sucked and I ended up not really doing anything. Of course I didn't even feel awake till an hour ago. Sigh. We shall see what happens.

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