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Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008 03:21 am
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Good Bye Humpers

Tue, Jun. 26th, 2007 11:52 pm
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Something tragic did happen graduation weekend. Humphrey died. I feel horrible about it. I forgot about him in the car and he froze to death. I remembered him Sunday morning but it was too late. My mother responded with "but I thought he would be warm enough in the car." I knew better, I simply for got to go get him. She then suggested that I try warming him up (he was very clearly dead) so i put his little bowl by the heater to slowly warm the temperature. My dad suggested putting him in the microwave. Why do people always want to put my fish in the microwave? Anyway, after it was very clear that he was not going to magically come back to life, I flushed him. I may have cried, but I dare you to prove it. My mother did suggest that we could take him home and he might warm up in the car on the way home and be better. I wasn't going to carry a corpse in a jar for 4 hours. Where does she come up with these things? Does she really think it helps? Of course considering how the deaths of Frosty and Ruby were handled she doesn't have a good tack record. Good bye Humphrey.

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Ok I didn't mean for it to be so long inbetween entries.

Friday was crap.
Saturday was amazing. We took PowerPuffBoy to the mall and bought him a new dress and make up. Then we took him back to Hairball's room and made him pretty. Afterward we took him out to lunch. When we were finished with lunch we took him back to Hairball's room and cleaned him up. After we got him unpretty again he came back to my room and whined for 3 hours about something completely unrelated. Then I went to dinner with Hairball and when I checked my mail box, behold I had a package! From Canada no less. It was my amazing present from Martini. There may have been some squealing involved.
Sunday was crap.
Monday I noticed that in the hallway was a used condom that was still there from Saturday. It was also sushi night! Ok it wasn't as fabulous as promised but hey it was still sushi, even if it was from CostCo. They had also bought a bunch of Pocky and Korean candy and strawberries. There was also a movie but I couldn't stay because I had to go to work and write my awful paper for Islamic art and Architecture.
Tuesday RN and I noticed that my spectacular bruise from last Thursday is the same size as her fist. We decided that she comes into my room at night and beats me (she really doesn't).
Wednesday my profesor decided that the bonus class to make up for her absenses is madatory as the information in it will be on the final. We will be given extra credit for showing up. To accomidate everyone she is haveing three different classes instead of just having one and not putting the info on the final. So basically I can miss the last staff meeting at work or I can screw up my Tuesday. I also finally got my midterm back that everyone "failed. " I got a 79%. I'm not really worried. I also spent and extra hour making my paper look exactly like she wanted it to because she said if I screw up any of the formating she is docing 5% of my grade on it right off the bat. So my paper sucks but its pretty. Better yet it got turned in on time. But I decided to ignore all of that for time being because it was Sweet Life Buffet Night!! You cannot describe the experience of eating a pastry from Sweet Life. There are no words. We got 8 cakes, and assortment of brownies (they even got the black and white ones, my favorite), and some giant chocolate chip cookies. Afterwards I went to RN's to study for our final. It was an interesting experience. Her boyfriend was there to study too because technically he is in the class he just hasn't shown up for one since week 4. I also forgot that RN's room is were everyone hangs out so there were many other people there doing many other things but it was good session. It ended at 1:30 am.
Today was my History of Photography final. I did well on it. I also got my second paper back. I think I am the first person who Ville Valo has gotten them an A on an Art History paper. I loved my mother's reaction. She said "you should e-mail him and tell him that." Right, I'll get right on that mom. I also had my review for Origins of Abstract Art class. Have I told you how much I hate that class?
I was also sad to hear of vagueangel's passing. I didn't know her but she wrote good stories and seemed like a nice person. She will be missed.

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Wed, May. 23rd, 2007 11:32 pm
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Oh what a day. Today started out rather pleasant. I was very happy. I had 4 amazing dreams, but then I looked at the clock and realized I missed class (well class was still in session but by the time I would have gotten there it would have been over). Which is very bad because we were going to get our midterms back today, the professor was going to tell us the syllabus changes and the girl who was going to give me notes from last time I missed class was going to give them to me today. I decided to got to class and catch people as they were leaving in hopes of at least getting the notes and an update, but then I fell asleep. When I woke up again, I had missed the office hours I was supposed to go to. I sent that professor an e-mail and I will try to catch her after class tomorrow. But I was woken up by venice knocking on my door. She needed advice because in order to not get kicked out of the university she needs to drop all her classes, but to stay in housing she must be a full time student, so she wanted to know who to talk to and how long she would have before they would make her move out after she dropped. She came to me because I am the Housing Ninja (a title Hairball gave me). So I helped her with that. I was happy to be helpful but a little sad she was having problems. Then I went to buy a slushie but got a giant cherry soda instead. Then I pretended to work on my papers a bit. Then I had to call mom and at the end of the conversation I had the guts to ask how Ruby was doing. Ruby died...MONDAY NIGHT! On top of being incredibly upset about my cat, I was pissed at my mom for not telling me. She had no intention of telling me and had several opportunities to do so because I have called home several times since then and she could have always called me. I told Martini and Hairball they are both upset and upset with my mother as well. So Martini made me a special entry on her lj and was doing the best she could to try to cheer me up online. She is a very good friend. And then I went to go find Hoobie in the dinning center. While I was there I checked my mail and I had two package slips. They made me feel a little better for three reasons: 1) the package slips said "coolest person ever" and "best DA ever" on them and they don't know what is going on,(I'm going to have to find to who did mail today and thank them), 2) it meant I had packages, and 3) Maiko was working and she always makes me feel better. The packages were presents from Mandy and the stuff I ordered from Amazon (that wasn't supposed to be here till the 4th). Mandy got me a very awesome craft book, that I will be trying out as soon as I can, a frog stained glass coloring book, and a very cute card. I love it all very much. From amazon I got Uneasy Listening Vol. 2 and the enhanced Summer Wine single. I also got something else that I might talk about in a friends locked entry at a later date. So I was very happy about that. Tini got me a present to make me feel better. Hairball and I went out for dinner and I was just kind of a Zombie mess. We talked about our picnic that we are having on Sunday and we might go to the mall on Friday. I haven't told Jenny yet because she hasn't been around to tell. So just when I was thinking I had no real friends, it turns out I have several truly amazing friends. Today has been very bizarre. I am both completely devastated and overjoyed at the same time, and I don't like it.

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p.s. Yesterday wasn't all bad. I forgot that I got to talk with the fabulous Annie.
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Ok, I have been all but avoiding the computer lately. There is a reason for this. A friend of mine passed away Sunday. I found out Monday morning. I got a phone call on my way to class and that was it, she was gone. I spent the rest of the day not quite knowing what to do with myself. The CD called to make sure I was ok and my RA came by my room. Mostly I just wanted to be alone except when I didn’t and wandered around campus aimlessly. I after several failed attempts I called my mother. Later I called Jen. After I was sitting in the middle of the floor sobbing I decided that I wasn’t going to go to anymore classes that day. Hairball tired to sheer me up and we went to ice cream and wandered a little talking. I went to the group grief counseling session. I haven’t decided if that was helpful or not.
Today was a little better. I was still touchy and weird. I tried to make the day as normal as possible knowing that I really couldn’t. I went to class, but it turned out that the TA in that class also knew my friend and had a bunch of questions. I ran some errands. I watched VeniceBiatch scare people with her fake gapping wound. Later I was bit short with her and I feel kind of bad about it. I hope she understands. Later Hairball, VeniceBiatch, and I went to target to get some stuff for the zombie walk tomorrow. Wikkid picked us up and we all went to dinner. It was some organic food restaurant with dinosaurs you can play with. He really cheered me up on the way home when he was doing his demented Keanu Reaves and Elmo impressions. I don't think he knew about my friend but that’s ok. I've been reading the wonderful things people are saying about my fiend on facebook. Mostly I just don’t know what to do with myself and can’t seem to sit still. I'm nauseous and twitchy and mood swingy. I just thought I’d say something.


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