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Some Lists I found on Blender I found amusing:

10 Best Old School Rock Band Logos Ever

20 Biggest Record Company Screw-Ups of All Time

The 13 Worst Hair Trends in Music

The Worlds Most Oversexed Musicians
There were only two women on that list
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With Debate night being tomorrow I thought I would post some articles concerning each candidate, the conventions, and the election.

The MSN 2008 Election Guide

Barack Obama:
Barack Obama Featured Biography

Joe Biden:
Joe Biden Biography

John McCain:
John McCain Featured Biography

Sarah Palin:
Palin defends earmark request for Alaska
Sarah Palin Biography
The Sarah Palin FAQ
Hockey Moms vs. Soccer Moms; Which is the more important voting demographic?
Why Christian Conservatives love Sarah Palin
Why the smiling, sudden, relentless Sarah Palin should scare Democrats.

Convention Review:
Michael Gerson- The Year of Speaking Conventionally
The Final Spirit

For fun, a quiz:
Who should you vote for?

I was also going to post a link to the article titled "Barack Obama offers a Beautifully Packaged Lie" but the link has died, and I was going to post a link to a video, with text of Obama's speech in Berlin and a link to the interview of McCain with Outdoor Life magazine but I have lost those thinks. If you can find any of those, let me know.

Please take the time to vote this November.
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What if we legalized all drugs?
By Shirley Skeel

The article takes a look at two different scenarios, if marijuana alone were legalized and if all street drugs were legalized, and how it would effect the economy and standards of living in the US.
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"The Web's 10 Weirdest Social Networks
© Fast Company

Trying to meet people on MySpace or Facebook is like participating in one of those office gift exchanges: You have no idea what you're going to get. Witness the rise of niche social networks, where hamster enthusiasts, mustache lovers, even lonely farmers can find kindred spirits to commune with (and sometimes sleep with). New virtual cliques form every day, thanks to platforms like Ning that enable anyone to create an online network around any topic. Check out our list of the 10 weirdest social networks.

By Ellen Gibson, Fast Company"


Personal Favorites:
Spot a Potty
Lost Zombies
Social Anxiety Friends
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A slide show of what the Kim Morgan thinks are the best 10 Brad Pitt movies ever and her reasons why. Although she has some valid arguments, I still couldn't help but be a bit disappointed some of my personal favorites did not make the list. Did all of yours?

The Best of Brad Pitt
By Kim Morgan
MSN Movies

For those of you who don't want to read through the slide show I have put the list under a cut:
Top Ten )
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Extreme Pet Gadget Slideshow

Although there are some interesting ideas, it just proves that there are people crazier then I am.

Poor fishies.
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In Defense of Losing Your Virginity
Sept. 9, 2008, 3:19 PM EST

By Martha Brockenbrough
Special to MSN Entertainment

Take that purity rings!
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Make. It. Stop.
The case for ending our long national nightmare.
By Steve Tuttle | Newsweek Web Exclusive
Aug 1, 2008 | Updated: 12:42 p.m. ET Aug 1, 2008

Now this is a funny little article about you guessed it, Crocs. The shoes everyone loves to hate. When I first read this article I thought it was funny and wanted to share it with you all, then changed my mind for reasons unknown. However, today I changed my mind once again after I went into the hardware store today and saw Croc cell phone holders that not only look like the shoes but you can buy those stupid little decoration things you can put in the holes. The madness must end!
Full disclosure time )

An Art Exhibit

Sat, Sep. 20th, 2008 11:16 pm
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The exhibition's site:
Brooklyn Museum Exhibitions: Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition
June 27–August 10, 2008
2nd Floor

"Click! is a photography exhibition that invites Brooklyn Museum’s visitors, the online community, and the general public to participate in the exhibition process. Taking its inspiration from the critically acclaimed book The Wisdom of Crowds, in which New Yorker business and financial columnist James Surowiecki asserts that a diverse crowd is often wiser at making decisions than expert individuals, Click! explores whether Surowiecki’s premise can be applied to the visual arts—is a diverse crowd just as “wise” at evaluating art as the trained experts?"

The article I read on the exhibition:
Art or Not The Brooklyn Museum crowd-sources a photography exhibition.
By Mia Fineman
Posted Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Click here to read a slide-show essay about the Brooklyn Museum's experiment in crowd-sourcing.

A similar art experiment mentioned in the above article:
Most Wanted and Least Wanted Paintings

I really wanted to talk about this article and exhibition when I first read it but was unable to. But I am bringing it to your attention now because it is still relevant and an interesting topic. And I was wondering about any of your opinions on the idea of art exhibitions being curated by the general public vs. curators, or anything else brought up by this post.


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