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Well its only been...over 4 months since I went to the HIM concert in Portland. So a review is much overdue. I did start and entry the day I came back but as you can tell it was never finished. Its the post labeled post in progress. This has been nagging me for awhile and now I finally have time. So here is what I recall based on notes I took after the concert, Mandy's post about the concert, some videos on youtube, and my own memory under a lovely cut.

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I am also reposting the links for the videos that I found youtube of the concert below:

Vampire Heart

Passion's Killing Floor

Join Me (In Death)

Bleed Well

Right Here in my Arms

The Funeral of Hearts

It's All Tears

Killing Loneliness (ok this is actually in Seattle the day before but I don't really expect any complaining)
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I made Pocket choke on his ice cream cone. We were talking about my piercing and then he was giving me a bad time about leaving in December, so I said "I would only be staying here to get more piercings." Then he choked. You had to be there, but he likes my nose ring.

I have finally seen the Guru.

This crusty old guy told me I had a beautiful smile. It was unexpected and came at the right time. Because it caught me completely off guard and seemed genuine, it brightened my day.

Amazingly my piercing is a week old and it is doing well. I have managed to keep to the care instructions very well and no infections or anything. Go me!

I have been basically living off sushi and water. Granted it's sushi from the school bistro but hey it is better than some of the sushi at some of the restaurants around here.

This is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00geU9cjFG8&mode=related&search=

Thursday night was the premiere of the new season of CSI. My roommate invited my friend powerpuffboy to come watch it with us because he has no tv and really wanted to see if Sarah dies. (Sadly, she does not.) This irked me a little because even though he is my friend, and we were going to watch it anyway, and I really don't mind too much if he comes over, she asked him without asking me first. It shouldn't bug me but it does a little bit. He called me afterward to tell me that he left his sweatshirt there and if it would be ok if he left it there till another day. I, of course, said yes, and now because of it I have gotten to meet the girlfriend. She was in town today and he decided to pick up the sweatshirt. She is a very sweet girl and I am glad I finally got to meet her.

It is weird being back here because everyone I know is at a totally new place in their lives then they were last time I saw them. I see more people that I know then I have any other school year but in completely new contexts. Pocket isn't an RA anymore, now he is a complex director assistant. The DAs that stayed are no longer my coworkers. There are people I lived with their freshmen years (my sophomore, junior and 1st senior years) are in my classes and it is the first time I have seen them since we lived together. The list goes on and on.

Friday, Hoobie and I went to Spirit. I could have spent forever in there. I was having one of those "I'll take one of everything please" moments. I managed to leave with only on purchase of an $8 top hat. How we may never know. Halloween is truly my favorite holiday. I'm going back on Tuesday because they are getting a new shipment in.

I am a little bummed because this weekend was a Zombie walk, nudie sushi night, and Fetish night and, for various reasons, I had to miss them all.

Another reason to go back to Spirit. There is this guy that works there. Do I really need to add more details? He is the one that told me about the shipment coming in and the Zombie night. He also went out of his way to say bye to me when Hoobie and I left the store. I wonder what costume he will be wearing this time.

Hairball and I made it to Saturday Market. She bought a fabulous hat. There are pictures of the fabulous hat. One day I may finish uploading photos to facebook and flickr and you will be able to see them. Hopefully this will remain a standing appointment for us for the rest of the season.

On Sunday, I dragged my roommate out of our room because I was tired of watching her mope about with nothing to do. We went to the mall and I now own my first HIM t-shirt. It was the first one I have ever seen in my size. We also went to target and the movies. Target was more entertaining than it should have been. The toy section and the holiday section had me practically drooling and I was able to price flash drives. We also both finally got to see The Simpsons Movie. It was well worth the wait. I was singing spider pig all the way home.

For the HIM fans: There have been a bunch of good links to listen to radio interviews on Valo Daily. I would make links to them but I have a feeling that by the time I post this some of the links would be expired and it is a lot of work to post that many, so you will have to search on your own. But they are worth the search.

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Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 10:00 am
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I have managed to control my inner shutter bug for the most part. Not that that stopped me from taking ten billion beach pics and pictures of Romeo, but the grocery store has turned into my biggest inspiration. I have managed to keep my camera away from there though. Pics I wanted to take but didn’t: The “Black Sheep” Harley guy and his bike. I have seen him at the grocery and the car show. There has also been a wide variety of produce I wanted to capture, mostly for being freakishly large. The fresh pigs feet for sale. The rows of shakers of MSG, the rows of tins of dry mustard, the fresh shark meat, the canvas bags of fry bread mix.
On Facebook I have added 6 new albums and added 16 picture to existing albums (it was a while ago now). After I get back to school I have a bunch more to post as well. It is just too much of a pain to try and do it on my current internet connection.
I got the photos for my Christmas cards done. Eight of you are going to get an interesting card this year.

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Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 08:25 am
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I did manage to make it to the beach a few times this summer. That is the whole point of going home right? Most of the time I was there I just ate lunch there and watched the tourists. One time I saw a bunny playing amongst the squirrels but I think I may have already wrote about that. One of the times I was down there about dusk, it is the perfect time to go because the tourists are about gone because it is too cold for them, I got some cool pics I hope to post soon. Another time I went down was in the midst of the tourists. They are interesting to watch. Most of the tourists we get are either hippies or bikers, but in the last few years we have been getting a good number of families too. There was this one cowboy there and from just watching him you could tell that he had never seen the ocean in person before. There were lots of interesting people there but he sticks out in my mind the most. The other person that really sticks out in my mind is this woman that came up to talk to me when I was rinsing my feet at the faucet. The wind was blowing so my hair was flying everywhere and there is this short wall (about to my chest but not quite) in front of the faucet. My hair is also several shades of green and blonde. And she said she had to tell me that as she was walking up, when I was bent down washing my feet that I looked like mermaid emerging from the ocean. That was kind of cool, especially considering all the flack I have been getting. Although she wasn't the first person this summer to say I had mermaid hair.

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Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 10:21 pm
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So I haven't posted in about two months. So I shall try to catch up in small increments.
Fan-girling and related activities
Well first and foremost HIM has been on my radar the most because they have been doing the Project Revolution tour and the new album is coming out and Ville was in rehab so I spent quite a bit of time catching up at [Unknown site tag] . There were tons of photos and article scans coming in.

When Project Revolution was in San Fransisco, Live 105 did an interview with HIM (well it was just Ville and Mige if I remember right), as well as a couple other bands. The Interviewer was, perhaps, an idiot. He could have been having an off day, but it made the interview entertaining. I don’t know if it is still on Live 105’s website or not.

As I told Hairball, I have been a very good girl. The Venus Doom album is coming out soon (today in the us, everywhere else earlier) and I have managed to avoid all of it. Ok, not all of it I did watch the "Kiss of Dawn" music video and I have been reading the magazine articles but that is it. I want it to be a surprise. I didn’t do any of those stupid games at heartagram. I didn’t listen to any of the music, officially leaked or otherwise. I downloaded nothing. I watched no videos (other than the Kiss of Dawn video of course) fan made, record company made, or of concerts where they were singing the songs. I avoided reading the lyrics when they were posted. I have been very patient. I have behaved myself. But if I have to wait until I am at school to buy the album I may cry…or at least speak harshly to a clerk.

There are three versions of the Venus doom album. I looked them all up to decide which I was going to buy. I decided the regular album would be the one I would spend my money on. The special edition just didn’t look like it was worth it. But we all know that once I know for absolute certain that I will have my job and if there is a way for me to get the special limited edition I will snap it up as though my very life depends upon it. But I am not holding my breath.

I also have a ticket to the concert in Portland. I even sort of have a plan on how I am going to get there and back, but hopefully I can find someone to go to the concert with me and create a better plan.

They played the SNL that Hugh Laurie hosted. Yay! *fangirl-like squeal* Ok, so I am a bit sad and pathetic, deal with it. It was awesome and I loved it, his accent, I got to see him in a dress, the opening monologue, it was worth not changing the channel.

I went to the Slow Children’s concert at the Hideaway. It was good. It was nice to get out. I saw a lot of people from high school that didn’t recognize me and I didn’t feel the need to reintroduce myself. I also saw my friend that I shall call here Spazzy. She is just as crazy as ever. We got to talk for awhile. I met a girl that I know only from myspace. She is from St. Louis but recently moved to the area. It was cool and creepy at the same time. I haven’t even seen her on myspace for a year or so. She recognized me from my old picture and I recognized her screen name. I bought a cd, danced with a total stranger, and spent a few hours at Hippiewoman’s house. All and all I think I had a pretty full evening. I even drank, perhaps, a little too much, eventually.

I have been trying to frame my autographed Bam pic since I got home. Right at the beginning of summer I found a frame that I was going to decorate to make it more…Bamesque, I suppose. But then I lost the bloody frame. I found another frame that actually looks almost exactly like what I wanted to do to the other frame. So I bought I and put Bam inside of it, but of course, what happened? I found the other frame. So now I have gone out and got most of the stuff I need to decorate it how I want and I will figure out what to do about the I have two frames for one pic thing later.

I have also been reading far too much slash and smut in general. And you thought there wasn't such a thing.

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Today was very exciting. Ok maybe it was only exciting to me. First this morning My mom and I ran by my aunt and uncle's to get a photo cd to print later. This is the first time I have gotten to see my uncle in months. Then I had internet time at the library. I used it to work on my myspace page. It's still not how I want it. Then my mother remembered that my uncle (a different one) was in the paper (not local). Which is very bizarre because he tends to be a bit under the radar. It was also bizarre because it wasn't the court report. Apparently he has written a play and it is being performed. I want to talk more about how excited I am about it and everything but I really shouldn't. I'm very surprised he agreed to the interview and that he allowed to have his picture in the paper. He is very paranoid and very good at staying hidden from people (and the government) and he knows people are looking for him. But then again maybe he has taken care of all of that. Then I went off to go print more pictures. They were more graduation pictures and pictures of my baby cousin. He is just starting to try to walk. I keep wanting to call him my nephew. He might as well be. Mom and I had lunch at the beach. It is tourist season so we go down and sit in the car watching them, and laugh. The cool part was that there was a bunny! He was just hanging out with the squirrels. I think I got a picture. I couldn't get very close and I haven't downloaded the pictures yet. After our little adventure at the beach, my mother drove us to the animal shelter. We looked at kitties. We adopted none. It is very difficult to find the right cat, and we are going to have to find out more about them first. They were all very friendly. And there were several that were very playful. Only two attached themselves to me. One of them I like very much but I am afraid she might be too needy and the other was bit of a bully. They only let us look at the adult cats today. Mom is talking about getting an adult and a kitten. That makes it a bit harder. There is also a timing issue. The rest of the day was pretty boring. We cleaned and my dad called. He wanted to remind me that my grandmother's birthday was yesterday and that mine is Thursday. I guess I should charge my cell phone and give her a call.

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Ok so it wasn't quite a hostile take over of the bathroom but a point was made, and accepted. Well that was all that happened yesterday. Today my mother didn't go into work. Yay? I was sick most of the day and all we did was run errands. But on the plus side I got sushi and didn't have to cook dinner. I also had 100 photos printed. It almost didn't happen because for some reason right now my computer won't burn cds. I think I know what the problem is but it didn't matter in the end because there were 100 photos, of the about 400 or so I wanted printed, that were still on my camera's memory card. The prints sale ended today and it was only for sets of 50 prints and you could only do it twice for this month. I also got a package ready to mail to Hairball. I just need to put postage on it. Mom and I also went into the library today to set up some internet time for tomorrow. I got to see Dori and she was all excited that I was so close to finishing school. It was nice to find someone that was actually excited. And I finally found my cellphone. I wish my day could have been a bit more interesting for you that actually read my journal.

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Wed, Jun. 27th, 2007 11:44 pm
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Hi! I have only had internet since 1pm yesterday and I'm sooo happy, even though it is dial-up. It was such a pain because my mother was behind in payments, then they lost the check, on and on, so after several phone calls they hooked me up even though they couldn't find the check.
Let's see what have I been up to since I have been home...mostly unpacking. First I had to get all of my stuff out of the garage into the living room, then I had to get it from the living room into either my room or the attic. There is only one box still in the living room but I can't get around in my room. Its full of boxes. Each day is a new adventure. I never know what I am going to find whenever I open a box. Also, my mother was using my room for storage while I was away, so some of that stuff is still in here too. I have hooked up my answering machine because my mother's doesn't work right. I have also hooked up my dvd player. Did I mention my mother completely redecorated the house since I was home last? I'm still getting used to it. I have watched seasons 1-3 plus all the bonus material of Viva la Bam. I even found some hidden bonus footage on the bonus dvd for seasons 2&3. I also watched HIM vs Bam. So now my mother is a Bam fan. Its kinda scary. She wants me to write him a letter for her. I should have seen this coming when she had me tape Unholy Union. I have been doing all the cooking. I have started Hairball's Helldone snowman costume. There was a couple of exciting trips to the post office. My mother only checks the mail about once a month when I am not home so the box was packed. My Revolver magazine came (yay Ville poster) and my Spin magazine came (not so exciting). Also my Origins of Abstract Art professor sent me my paper and final. I got Bs on both of them! Yay! The paper is especially exciting because it was supposed to be 6-8 pages and mine was only a little over 3. And I used to be such a good student. My mother has been working 14 hour days lately (big surprise) because she has 3 new employees and the football camp is in town. So I have been nice and not strangled her when she makes mean comments about me. Hell, I even gave her a back rub the other day without complaint. But those boys are leaving Thursday morning and then all bets are off. The turf war over the bathroom has already begun. She thinks she can get away with telling me I can't have any space for my things in the bathroom after she has already promised me a shelf and a drawer. Just wait! I also have been going over my photos in my computer because this weekend (I think) we are having prints made. Today I had a dentist appointment. Apparently I have a new dentist, again. I haven't met him yet though. At least I got the hygienist I like this time. The bad part is though part of one of my teeth broke off when she was cleaning it. Oh well, it was a tiny piece of one of the ones that is cracked from when I got smacked. Its ok. Well, I must got plan for tomorrow is my hostile take over of the bathroom.

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Behold! I have a profile finally. Well, I added interests, weekly dose of HIM, and I started the "describe me" part of my bio. I also updated my myspace and facebook profiles. I am not done or satisfied with them but it is all I could do before I go home. I also have a ton of photos I need to post when I get home. I was supposed to have a lot of them up a week ago; some even before that. Sorry.

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It was kind of a busy weekend. Friday after I got off work I turned in all my contracts for next year. Then I had to go back to work and talk to my boss so I could get out of the staff meeting and to make sure that they found my several notes about the fish. He has Popeye. I left instructions on how to deal with it taped to his bowl and I taped a disease/symptoms chart next to his feeding chart. Then I tried to take a nap. Then at 3 I went to the mandatory "bonus" class. I could have been at the end of the year meeting for an hour, ate some food and got my award and made it to the party that was at 5 on time but no. I rearranged my life to go to the bonus class on Friday instead of Tuesday so I wouldn't screw up my week. The class ran long. Then I ran into Patience. I forgot that her boyfriend's final architecture review was Friday, so I went to that and he did a very good job. He is graduating this year. Then I had to get ready and run to the store. I got to the party around 8. It was very fun but I left at 10 because it is tough being one of only 3 people not completely wasted. The pictures are appearing on facebook as we speak.
Saturday I got up early and went to Saturday Market for possibly the last time. I got my mom one of those wind-chimes she always looks at but never buys. Then I met Hairball at the bus station so we could go to the mall to buy my graduation dress. That took so long. But I have a dress. That is the important thing, I guess. The rest of the weekend was spent goofing off or on the phone with my mother trying to tie up loose ends. I should get back to studying because I have a final tomorrow.

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Today (ok as of 40 minutes ago yesterday) Hoobie and I went on a picnic. We were going to go to that park where all the tourists come to look at the rhododendrons but it was not very nice out and we were not quite sure on how to get there so we took our picnic to the cemetery. Its on campus and its pretty. We had juice and tuna sandwiches. We did a bit of squirrel watching. The little buggers are everywhere. Once it started to get a bit wetter out, we went indoors and I watched her play Final Fantasy 8 of about 4 hours. I slept through most of it. When I woke up I asked her if I was snoring she said "yes a little bit but it was cute." *sigh* Then we went to dinner. Now if only I can convince myself to go finish my laundry. And the pics are now on facebook. Enjoy!

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Sun, May. 27th, 2007 01:29 am
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I just uploaded a bunch of pics on facebook. They are of Zombie night, DJ's Birthday, Ruby, Spring Break, the logging conference, my new charm bracelet, and crafts I've done. Some of them are in my Randomness folder.

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Here we go another long-ass update. I figure since I haven't given a real update in over a month, so I thought I would honor you with one of my trade mark very long bullet style updates. It's really long but it's worth it. So get a snack, pull up a chair and Enjoy!

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Wow that was long.

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