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Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 08:52 am
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Romeo has had many problems, including a massive infestation of fleas and ear mites that he brought with him from the shelter. I think we have finally gotten the upper hand but wasn't easy. The poor little guy was so miserable. He was even losing his hair because of it. It is growing back in nicely now.
The cat has sampled many sleeping places in the house. I think he has decided that his favorite is my bed. For awhile it was the bottom half of his pet carrier with a certain blanket placed on a high perch, but then we took him to the vet in it.
Romeo has become somewhat of a little captain destructo. He is a klutz and has broken several things in attempts to jump up on bookshelves and tables. He tends to miss or slip. Of course this isn’t counting the times that he knocks things off of shelves intentionally. He has also taken up using my blue rocker chair as a chew toy.
We have also been doing a lot of cat research lately, which isn't easy considering the limited resources at the library. If you go to the pet section and then to cats it looks like a lot of books but 90% of them are on breeds. There is a "Cats for Dummies" book and one out dated pet care book. There are also several books on how to talk to your children about cats, two holistic pet care books, one psychology of cats book, and a few on cat myths and lore. That's it. The reason we have been doing some research is that we have never adopted an adult cat before. We have always got kittens. I don't care what the books say, getting an adult is harder. They already have their own personalities and it is a big adjustment to everyone. With a kitten they are growing up around you so you get to know them gradually and there is no big adjustment. They grow up with you and don't have to relearn anything and you don't have to sit there and try to figure out what is going on in that kitty head of his because you already know from experience. We are just trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone.
Romeo also had his first "well kitty" vet visit. Because it was his first visit he got a goody bag full of samples and toys. The vet and the nurse kept going on about how beautiful and well behaved he was. When they were cleaning his ears he almost didn't fight at all. They said it was the easiest ear cleaning they have ever done.

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Blah, I didn't really do anything Thursday other than some light house work and talk to Tini. Did I mention she has internet again? YAY! I was going to gut my facebook page and update it (even though it will probably look exactly the same when I'm done) but all I did was rearrange some of the boxes and add movies/reviews to my movies application. And apparently I turned a vampire and another zombie. Go me. Although my vampire underling has already surpassed me. Friday I did nothing.
Saturday on the other hand, I went to CC all day. Mostly I went shopping for pet stuff and work shoes for mom. We ended up getting Romeo a little cube thing he loves to death and a fuzzy faux fur pet bed he avoids like the plague. Before that we went to go take pictures of a mural for my dad. A friend of his that passed a few years ago had been painted into it and he will probably never make it down there to go see it. We also visited my aunt and uncle while we were there to find out more info about my cousin's wedding. I ended up spending most of that time talking to my uncle about computer games and cartoons. He loves to play Diablo online and chat in the forums. Another of my cousins came over and I spoke with her for a little bit because she got her nose pierced a year ago and I was wondering where she got it done around here. She got it done at the Del Norte fair, which is next month. We also found out that a man we knew committed suicide about three months ago and possibly killed his mother. Later when we got home we watched Marie Antoinette.
Sunday was kind of a lazy day. I worked on designing announcements. Mom got Romeo a new collar. He keeps attacking the bell on it. We ran errands. I had more photos printed off. Mom made me so we could show dad the mural. While we were waiting for the photos to print, mom and I wandered around Blockbuster. As always there were so many movies I wanted to see. Mom wasn't very interested in anything. We rented nothing. We went to go visit my dad. T9 is finally done and has its decals on the side. Dad gave me a tiny version of the decal. I have no idea where I am going to put it. I played on my computer trying to see if I can burn cds. I can burn music onto cds but for some reason I cannot burn other kinds of files anymore. As I said earlier I think it is because of the dvd player being set to a region 2 player and it is the same drive. It is still disturbing and if that is the reason, why can I burn music? Except when I burn music or play the love metal archives dvd, the computer says that the d drive isn't accessible (I don't remember what it says exactly but that is what it amounts to) and when I highlight files the option of "copy file to CD" should appear under folder tasks but it doesn't. I will figure something out but not being able to back up my computer scares me. I have lost everything too many times before.
I also discovered that the type of goldfish I have been looking for are called Black Moores. I'm not getting any at the moment though because they require a filtered tank (goldfish are actually quite fussy) and I just don't have one at the moment.
Romeo also has a new trick he has been showing off. When I am laying on the couch, he climbs up on to the back of the couch, puts his butt on one side of the couch, his head and forelegs on the other, and slides down on his belly on to me. It is almost disturbing really.
Today I worked on my room. It will probably being an ongoing project into the next milenia at this rate. I also planted some catnip. It was also Romeo's first day outside. It went ok for a little bit but then he got freaked and walked out of his harness (he needs a new one but mother is convinced she can make the one from the dollar tree work). Once he was captured, I sat down with him in the grass and just held him in my lap and he did just fine. Until a bunch of cars went by and we decided it was time he went back inside. I also made dinner tonight. I was really lazy so it was all stuff we had that was premade and I just heated it up, basically. It tasted marginal, it didn't go well together, and it was all finger food, but my presentation was fantastic. And in my mother's book that is the important thing. I also realized today that I have tipped the $1000 mark out of the $1500 that I need to make. Not bad for someone that can't find a job.
Blah it is too hot to do anything so I think I am going to go climb in the freezer now.

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Today I went with my aunt to the human resources center to find out that they have you just fill out a form online. Then we went to the unemployment office were we both found nothing. After that I helped her buy a new printer. I went back to bed after that because Romeo kept me up all night. He wanted to play. Then this morning when I was finally asleep he discovered my open window and I had to grab him (on several occasions) to keep him from jumping out of it. I guess it is time to start letting him explore outside. My mom came home early today and was in a kind of scary good mood. We went grocery shopping and bought a couple of movies. We got Marie Antoinette and Pan's Labyrinth. We even checked the mail. She never wants to check the mail. I got the latest ccs catalog in the mail. *squees* I don't know how or why but I'm glad its here. No, I am not buying anything. The only thing in there that I am in the market for right now is a helmet. Of course there are other things in there I want but I'm a bit cash poor at the moment as we all know. Also, tonight on of the Simpson's reruns they aired was one that mom and I always fight about. It is the one where Homer goes to the chili contest and eats a bunch of insanity peppers and goes and a vision quest with a talking coyote. We always argue over who is the voice of the coyote. Tonight we finally watched the credits and I won! It WAS Johnny Cash. Muahahahahaha. Tomorrow I need to do dishes and finish the laundry. I should also check out a couple of want ads I found in the paper. Strange this all seemed so exciting when this all was happening. Pity.

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What did I do?

Tue, Jul. 17th, 2007 11:19 pm
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Its raining out right now. I love it. It is still to hot though. Today was reasonably productive. I got my stuff together for tomorrow. I did some laundry. I picked up the living room and took the garbage out of the kitchen. All was happy and peaceful, till mother came home. Within five minutes of her coming home I was trying to comfort her, she screamed at me on the verge of tears and was pissed about me yelling at her. But I didn't yell at her. I never even so much as had raised my voice. When she came in I was on the phone with my uncle who had a question for my mother I asked her, after some thinking she answered. I told him. I told her who had called while she was at work she screamed at me. I tried to comfort her. She told me I was a horrible for yelling at her. O_o And I did my damnedest not to turn it into a fight. At first I was pissed for being yelled at over something I hadn't even done, so I decided it was best not to say anything till I had cooled down and just went on about my business. Every time we attempted to talk to each other afterward, she decided to turn it into a fight, no matter what it was. *screams* At least the cat at fun today. He discovered the dryer and apparently how fun it is to knock things off tables. As for updateing my facebook, I was only on long enough to increase the level of my vampire from catholic school girl vampire to bride. I should go take a shower and go to bed. I must be up bright and early tomorrow.
p.s. I have also found that on the 69 eye official web page you can draw on the header. Its quite fun in a weird child like way.

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So Today wasn't worse then yesterday, mainly because we had extra help. It was however more disgusting. Today though I got paid and was not the only one that was fed up with it all. I am so sore that I can barely lift my left arm...again. Tomorrow hopefully I will get some stuff done around the house and tie up the phone line all day by being online. Muahahahaha.
The little attention whore is now acting not just like he is used to the house but like he realizes that he lives here now and it is his house too. He really does enjoy making it hard for me to type as well.
I went up a zombie level on facebook. I am doing it by earning zombie points instead of by creating zombies. I went from an Leftenant zombie to a Ninja zombie. Hairball will be so proud. I am now the same level as the zombie that created me. He still out ranks me by a lot though. I have only created one zombie though and she isn't earning any points or creating any zombies. Oh well. I also added SuperPoke! on facebook and threw a sheep at Tini.
I also realized that I like my-not-so-secret crush more than I realized. Gods that sounded so juvenile. Anyway, I found out today that he now has a girlfriend and I didn't have the best reaction. It wasn't like I cried or threw things or anything. I just blacked out for a moment and had tremendous chest pains for a little bit all while not being able to breathe. See what I get for remembering people's birthdays?
But all in all I'm in a surprisingly good mood. I guess I shall see you lovely people tomorrow.

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I think it is safe to say that Romeo has truly adjusted to living in our home. He hasn't cried at all today. He is sleeping out in the open instead of under my bed. He is more interactive and he is entertaining himself as well. He runs in the kitchen when someone opens the refrigerator. My shoes have become one of his favorite chew toys. During dinner he tried to steal our food. He also jumped on me and made himself comfortable when I was taking a nap on the couch. Welcome home Romeo. Now if only he will learn to stay out from under my feet when I am walking.
In job hunting news, I have yet to hear back from the animal shelter but I heard the bank really needs people. I may have to look into that. For now, I have a temporary job. Jenny's mom is paying me $10 an hour to help pack up and clean out her house. And Jenny isn't coming this weekend. Apparently she can't come till the end of the month.
My mom is totally on board with the bus thing. That may have something to do with her traveling extensively on buses (LA to Brookings and back) in her youth. My grandmother used to travel a lot on buses too.
My stuff I ordered from the Duck store (Blogography) came today as well. I am very excited. I am now the proud owner of a "Little Geeky" t-shirt, a "Zombies ate my brain" shirt, and a bunch of little Dave buttons! I feel bad about not reading his blog lately. It's just so hard on dial-up. I barely do anything online except update my lj and check my facebook home page. Oh, well. I am coming out of the lurker closet a little bit.

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Deep Breath

Wed, Jul. 11th, 2007 11:56 pm
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I guess I shall do a real update.
Romeo is adjusting well. He still cries all the time but he spends more time with us. He explores the house more and has decided that everything he comes across is a toy. He is a very strange furball. Hopefully I will post photos next week.
I got sad news in my e-mail today. The courts denied stays for internet radio (I hope I worded that right). The only hope now is if congress brings the bill concerning internet radio to the floor for an immediate vote. If this doesn't work, Sunday the music dies.
There was also some happy news. I got paid. I totally forgot that at the end of June I would be getting my May paycheck. I don't know why I forgot this but that is a little under $600 I wasn't planning on dropped in my lap. It is around half of what I need for the school term and about a third of what I need over all. So that is something to be excited about right?
I also finally got to talk to Tina. She is in her new house and has internet. Sadly her bird has flown away. We did talk about my trip to visit her in nola after I am done with school. Because I have enough to visit or enough for a very cheep (aka non-existent) plane ticket. We did come up with an idea. She is diving up for Christmas. I could just ride back down with her. The problem is how do I get home. I still can't afford a plane ticket and one-way tickets are more expensive. Bus tickets are not that expensive though. I could ride the bus home. It is a very scary thought (2 days, 10 hours, and 20 minutes being the shortest ride, alone), but it maybe my only option.
I have very annoying neighbors. They moved in right before I came home from school. They bought the house just to fix it up and sell it. The problem is it is not selling so they have actually moved into it. As far as I can tell it is a couple and their little yappy dog. They are so annoying, sitting in their hot tub yelling at their dog at 3 am. I have a plan to get them back but where am I going to find a kiddie pool and a fat man in swim trunks?
I may see Jenny this weekend!
The job hunt doesn't go so good. I have checked in at Spotlight and it doesn't look like they are hiring at the moment but because I came in and checked my application is now at the top of the very large stack. I also turned in my application to work at the animal shelter. It sounds like they are still hiring but who knows. I shall have to wait and see.
Recently this: was brought to my attention. I have done what I can as far as contacting representatives and getting other people's attention. I am currently working on "telling the FCC my story." I tried doing it yesterday but my computer restarted by itself, as it often does, and I lost the long draft I had been writing so I am starting over. It honestly has me very stressed out and I know what is at stake. But I also know that anything major, such as losing access to Lj, myspace, or facebook, or suddenly having to pay a charge for the privilege, is most likely not going to happen overnight or without warning and even if it does I won't be able to do anything about it, including being able to pay for such services. So I am just going to do what I can and try not to let my poor overstressed brain get too strung out. I am also forcing myself to wait to update my facebook and myspace pages till I have other things worked out to help with my internet worries and stress. So far it is not working.
This is just the tip of my mental breakdown iceberg. Even with the good things that are going on I am left with a constant uneasy feeling. I listened to Uneasy Listening Vol. 2 by HIM and it made me feel amazing but it didn't last long.
Here are some quiz thingies to help lighten the mood:

Your Toes Should Be Black

A total rulebreaker (and heartbreaker), you're always a little punk rock.

Your flirting style: Wacky and a bit shocking

Your ideal guy: An accomplished artist, musician, or writer

Stay away from: Preppy guys looking for a quick bad girl fling

You're 85% Irish

Congratulations, you're a shining example of an Irish lass (or lad).
There's hardly anyone more Irish than you!

Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.

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I'm exhausted. I don't even know why I am writing an entry but oh well. Today started (or yesterday ended I can't be sure) with a several hour panic attack over...well several problems I can't even begin to explain. And Romeo is still adjusting to the house. Today he has taken up just crying and because I don't really know him yet I don't have a clue what he wants or what the problem is. Mostly I think he is lonely. He went from spending 3 months locked in a room with about a dozen other cats to here alone with me and my mother. He is rather playful though when he wants to be. Of course right now he is ripping my pants. Jenny's mom is back from Spain. She and my great aunt took my mother and me out to dinner as a birthday present. She also brought me back 20 Euros. My great aunt brought me flowers. Because of continuing money problems and having not heard back from spotlight video (yes I know it was a holiday weekend), the job hunt continues tomorrow. I'm going to check in at spotlight and there were 2 jobs I was qualified for in the want-ads I'm going to check out. I also have to help my great aunt clean her house (at least she is paying me for it) because she is selling it. It looks like this Friday I will be going to help pick up Jenny in Ashland. I have also been very sick all day. Now to go figure out how to make $1500 in two months. Actually it would be easy if someone would just give me a job. I already made $185 just be having a birthday and tax returns.

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I'm a mommy again

Sat, Jul. 7th, 2007 11:31 pm
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Today I have a new little furball in my life. His name is Romeo. We adopted him today. He is a little over a year old and was abandoned at the shelter in late March. At the shelter they named him Chile but it doesn't really fit. He is a larger brown striped tabby. He's got white socks and a very thin white blaze. The socks on his front paws are just on his toes and my mother said it looks like he is wearing fingerless gloves. His eyes are rimmed with black so it looks like he is wearing eyeliner. He is super affectionate and kind of emo (all cats tend to be a bit emo). And my mother wanted to name him Lover Boy. We compromised on Romeo. He is still getting used to the house and his favorite room is which ever one I am in. He also climbs in my lap every time I sit down and he is making it very hard to type at the moment. He blends into my bed almost perfectly. Lets hope I don't accidentally sit on him.
We were going to get a kitten as well but I promised my mother one of the cats would be all black. And there weren't any black kittens. There is a litter that may be silver and black but they are too young to adopt. When we asked if there where any black kittens they looked at us like we were crazy. Apparently we are the first to ask. We are going to wait to get a kitten.

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