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Fall Term 2

Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008 02:04 am
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Well, now that I am well rested I shall continue my summary of fall term.

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Sun, Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:54 am
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Fall term is long over and done with but it was my last term at school. A lot happened then and I don't actually remember the details too well. But it was important enough and eventful enough that I thought that I should at least try to sum up my last term, under a cut of course.

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Not that I haven't bored you enough with my vague account of fall term but there will be a part two! But not until after breakfast, and maybe a nap.

Happy Halloween

Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007 09:01 pm
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I hope you are all having an awesome Halloween. At work I dressed up as the filing fairy. My boss gave me fluorescent Blue temporary hair dye as a present. I also went by the area desk and got some candy as well as trick or treating on facebook. Originally Hairball and I had planned on doing a movie night at her house while we put together my graduation announcements, but we both had to cancel. I then planned on doing the free online horror film festival. It featured the classics Night of the Living Dead, Dementia 13, Horror Hotel, Black Sabbath, The Ape, I Eat Your Skin, Mania, My Son the Vampire, and Countess Dracula. But my midterm got moved to November 1st, so now I shall have no fun and study instead. Ok, so I had a little fun. I splurged on dinner. I got shrimp bento box and a Philly roll (sushi) from downstairs. I shall make up for it on Friday.
Have fun!

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I made Pocket choke on his ice cream cone. We were talking about my piercing and then he was giving me a bad time about leaving in December, so I said "I would only be staying here to get more piercings." Then he choked. You had to be there, but he likes my nose ring.

I have finally seen the Guru.

This crusty old guy told me I had a beautiful smile. It was unexpected and came at the right time. Because it caught me completely off guard and seemed genuine, it brightened my day.

Amazingly my piercing is a week old and it is doing well. I have managed to keep to the care instructions very well and no infections or anything. Go me!

I have been basically living off sushi and water. Granted it's sushi from the school bistro but hey it is better than some of the sushi at some of the restaurants around here.

This is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00geU9cjFG8&mode=related&search=

Thursday night was the premiere of the new season of CSI. My roommate invited my friend powerpuffboy to come watch it with us because he has no tv and really wanted to see if Sarah dies. (Sadly, she does not.) This irked me a little because even though he is my friend, and we were going to watch it anyway, and I really don't mind too much if he comes over, she asked him without asking me first. It shouldn't bug me but it does a little bit. He called me afterward to tell me that he left his sweatshirt there and if it would be ok if he left it there till another day. I, of course, said yes, and now because of it I have gotten to meet the girlfriend. She was in town today and he decided to pick up the sweatshirt. She is a very sweet girl and I am glad I finally got to meet her.

It is weird being back here because everyone I know is at a totally new place in their lives then they were last time I saw them. I see more people that I know then I have any other school year but in completely new contexts. Pocket isn't an RA anymore, now he is a complex director assistant. The DAs that stayed are no longer my coworkers. There are people I lived with their freshmen years (my sophomore, junior and 1st senior years) are in my classes and it is the first time I have seen them since we lived together. The list goes on and on.

Friday, Hoobie and I went to Spirit. I could have spent forever in there. I was having one of those "I'll take one of everything please" moments. I managed to leave with only on purchase of an $8 top hat. How we may never know. Halloween is truly my favorite holiday. I'm going back on Tuesday because they are getting a new shipment in.

I am a little bummed because this weekend was a Zombie walk, nudie sushi night, and Fetish night and, for various reasons, I had to miss them all.

Another reason to go back to Spirit. There is this guy that works there. Do I really need to add more details? He is the one that told me about the shipment coming in and the Zombie night. He also went out of his way to say bye to me when Hoobie and I left the store. I wonder what costume he will be wearing this time.

Hairball and I made it to Saturday Market. She bought a fabulous hat. There are pictures of the fabulous hat. One day I may finish uploading photos to facebook and flickr and you will be able to see them. Hopefully this will remain a standing appointment for us for the rest of the season.

On Sunday, I dragged my roommate out of our room because I was tired of watching her mope about with nothing to do. We went to the mall and I now own my first HIM t-shirt. It was the first one I have ever seen in my size. We also went to target and the movies. Target was more entertaining than it should have been. The toy section and the holiday section had me practically drooling and I was able to price flash drives. We also both finally got to see The Simpsons Movie. It was well worth the wait. I was singing spider pig all the way home.

For the HIM fans: There have been a bunch of good links to listen to radio interviews on Valo Daily. I would make links to them but I have a feeling that by the time I post this some of the links would be expired and it is a lot of work to post that many, so you will have to search on your own. But they are worth the search.

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"A Little Geeky"

Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Friday was Freebies at Freddy's. It pretty much sucked but I got to spend time with Hoobie. I went in for batteries and a lock. I came out with batteries, a lock, a beware of cat sign, temporary hair dye, groceries and a cool hat. Its a cheap red vinyl "biker" hat with devil horns...and a small tail.

Saturday was Intermingle. It was the first time I have gone to Intermingle since I have been here. Either it just wasn't very good this year or it has been really overrated in the past. There were some nice freebies though.

Saturday I also made a sign for our door. Each year, each hall/floor has themed name signs for the occupants. Ours are these green and yellow pirate ducks. My roommate and I weren't really feeling it, so I made us a new sign. By the way downstairs their signs are Calvin and Hobbes comics. I used a black and white pic of Bam for the base and I wrote our names in red using a font I got at http://www.dafont.com/, called Cold Night for Alligators. There was an awkward space in the corner so I put a spray paint heartagram pic I found in the corner. I "laminated" it, so now it has this film grain effect to it. Then I hung it up using purple duct tape. It looks pretty good, especially since I used Microsoft word to do it. I really need a better editing program than any of the ones I have.

Sunday I got my nose pierced. It was amazing and I just love it. I did get one compliment from Volvoboy. I don't know if it was sincere or not but I thought I should just take it and run. My roommate, Hairball, and powderpuffboy watched me get it done. They had fun. Hairball wanted the guy to do it with the toothpick. He said he liked us. He also said that he liked how easy I was to do (the girl before me had been very difficult). "That was easy, you just laid there and let me do it" (we are talking about piercing my nostril people, no funny business!). The group of us went to pizza afterwards. I got a hoop with a bead (they always do a kind with a bead for your first hoop). I picked out a purple cat eye stone for the bead. I thought it was very fitting, although some people think it is pink. Arg, look closer it is white and purple people! As always my first though was after I got it done was I want another piercing.

Today was the first day of classes and work. I had History of Photography of the American West, Humanities 101, and Meditation today. For the photography class we are going to have to make these online galleries/journals on flickr. In Humanities 101 we discussed what Humanities was and some appalling facts. Now these appalling facts I have learned in other classes but I am taking an freshmen intro class my 5th year so this is to be expected. Appalling facts: Because we are not gods, we die, because we are not animals, we are aware of it, because we are not gods our lives are unpredictable, because we are not animals, we are aware of it, even though we sometimes need reminding (thats what the Greeks are for). I don't know how I feel about meditation class yet.
My first day of work was exactly how I expected it to be. I filed for two hours and tomorrow I shall do it for four. Although my boss made this comment as I was leaving "I like that, you come in, you do your job, and then you clock out. I like that." Was something different expected of me?

coming soon:
New digs review (its done but I am too lazy to post)
Venus Doom review(again too lazy to post)
A F-locked Roommate review (I want to give it till the end of the week)

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Life and Whatnot

Thu, Sep. 20th, 2007 11:51 pm
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Ok Tuesday I went music shopping armed with $40 in gift certificates. Shock and astonishment they actually had a copy of Venus Doom on the release date! I guess being good pays off sometimes (not really). I have listened to it once because I had too but I am waiting to give it the full attention it deserves and that I can't give it at the moment. The only thing I will say about it now is that If you are a Love Metal fan, you'll love it. If Dark Light is the best album in the world according to you, you'll hate it. I also bought Aerosmith by Aerosmith, Bam Margera Presents Viva la Bands vol.2, and The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us) by NOFX. My love for Aerosmith is well know so I am not going to explain that one. VLB v.2 I have been looking for since I heard it came out. I looked in new releases, I looked under V for various artists but I never thought to look under B for Bam (which is where I found it while looking for something else). It is an amazing collection but I have yet to watch the DVD that came with it. And I love NOFX. "Wore out the Soles of my Party Boots" is my favorite NOFX song. GSEW is the only album with "Wore out the Soles of my Party Boots" on it. Music shopping for me is a very serious buisness. I must carefully consider every album in the store and sort through my mental list of what I want, how bad I want it, and how to maximize my money. Because as much as I am obsessed with music I can't go shopping very often so I save up money (and gift certificates) to buy as much as I can in one sitting.
Wednesday was spent packing.
Today was spent moving in. It's kind of weird to be back. It is very weird to have a roommate again. It is also very weird not working at the area desk, but it was nice to find out they got nothing but love for me over there. I will go on tomorrow but for now I must go to bed because I am very tired and I have a job interview tomorrow morning.

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Wed, Jun. 27th, 2007 11:44 pm
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Hi! I have only had internet since 1pm yesterday and I'm sooo happy, even though it is dial-up. It was such a pain because my mother was behind in payments, then they lost the check, on and on, so after several phone calls they hooked me up even though they couldn't find the check.
Let's see what have I been up to since I have been home...mostly unpacking. First I had to get all of my stuff out of the garage into the living room, then I had to get it from the living room into either my room or the attic. There is only one box still in the living room but I can't get around in my room. Its full of boxes. Each day is a new adventure. I never know what I am going to find whenever I open a box. Also, my mother was using my room for storage while I was away, so some of that stuff is still in here too. I have hooked up my answering machine because my mother's doesn't work right. I have also hooked up my dvd player. Did I mention my mother completely redecorated the house since I was home last? I'm still getting used to it. I have watched seasons 1-3 plus all the bonus material of Viva la Bam. I even found some hidden bonus footage on the bonus dvd for seasons 2&3. I also watched HIM vs Bam. So now my mother is a Bam fan. Its kinda scary. She wants me to write him a letter for her. I should have seen this coming when she had me tape Unholy Union. I have been doing all the cooking. I have started Hairball's Helldone snowman costume. There was a couple of exciting trips to the post office. My mother only checks the mail about once a month when I am not home so the box was packed. My Revolver magazine came (yay Ville poster) and my Spin magazine came (not so exciting). Also my Origins of Abstract Art professor sent me my paper and final. I got Bs on both of them! Yay! The paper is especially exciting because it was supposed to be 6-8 pages and mine was only a little over 3. And I used to be such a good student. My mother has been working 14 hour days lately (big surprise) because she has 3 new employees and the football camp is in town. So I have been nice and not strangled her when she makes mean comments about me. Hell, I even gave her a back rub the other day without complaint. But those boys are leaving Thursday morning and then all bets are off. The turf war over the bathroom has already begun. She thinks she can get away with telling me I can't have any space for my things in the bathroom after she has already promised me a shelf and a drawer. Just wait! I also have been going over my photos in my computer because this weekend (I think) we are having prints made. Today I had a dentist appointment. Apparently I have a new dentist, again. I haven't met him yet though. At least I got the hygienist I like this time. The bad part is though part of one of my teeth broke off when she was cleaning it. Oh well, it was a tiny piece of one of the ones that is cracked from when I got smacked. Its ok. Well, I must got plan for tomorrow is my hostile take over of the bathroom.

Website of the day: http://www.fallsview.com/Stream/HiResStill.shtml

Graduation Day

Tue, Jun. 26th, 2007 10:53 pm
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There was going to be a part 1 & 2 but I decided to save what was going to be part 1 for when I am actually done with school.
From June 16th:
The day started at 6:30 in the morning to finish packing and cleaning my room which was going very well until we realized that my dad was three hours late. Which is very unlike him. I called all his numbers and got no answer. So, then I called BA, becaase my dad is staying with him, and he hadn't heard from my dad either and said that my dad had not returned any of his phone calls in the last few days. Also not a good sign. As much as I complain about my father and as much as we don't along, I worry about him a lot. He works alone out in the woods where most cell phones don't work and if anything was to happen to him it is very possible no one would know for days. But it turned out he was fine. He had just over slept and his cell phone was broken. I even hugged him. He was happy till he realized that we had been worried about him and then got upset that we had worried about him. So with much effort and yelling (but I only fell once). We got everything out of my room and into my dad's pick-up. Although a lot of it was also in my mom's car from when we thought BA might have to come move some of my stuff. His pick-up is not nearly as big as my dad's. My dad brought me an autographed hat. Apparently some race car driver had been in town and stopped at the restaurant my dad eats at all the time (he has both a breakfast and a lunch named after him on the menu), and he got me an autographed hat. I know nothing about NASCAR or who that driver was but its still cool. My mom got a hat too (not from my dad) because the driver that had stopped at the restaurant had been on his way to the grocery store my mom works at in the next town over for a fund-raiser and energy drink promotion. But her hat is not autographed. Anyway, When we were done my dad and I went to go get lunch. We had an hour to kill before my formal check out at 1. The problem was that it takes 30 minutes to go from campus to BA's house, so there was no way we could go get ready for graduation and be back in time for my check out. But I had to be at the staging area at 2:15 (graduation was at 3)so there was no way we could wait till my check out and then go to BA's house to get ready either. So we sent my dad away so he could go get ready. I got ready in the public toilet and my mother got ready in my room. By the time I was ready it was time to check out. I checked out then mom and I hung out by the car taking pictures till I had to got to the staging area.
At the staging area, the AAA students go their name cards to give to the announcer and then lined up by major. We talked and took pictures and compared hats. Then we marched in a long procession to the graduation area. we took our seats in groups of 19 and then looked through the programs waiting for the circus to start. My name was spelt wrong, but I was warned about that the day before. Then the speakers started talking, and talking and talking repetitively, endlessly. Then each department was called up and when it was your turn you handed your name card to the announcer, he asked you how to pronounce your name, he said it our loud into the microphone and then you walked across the stage. When you got to the other end your department head handed you an empty diploma cover and then the dean of the AAA school shook your hand and away you went to go stand in line until your department had got all their "diplomas" and then you all sat down and watched all the other departments go. And somewhere in there you should have been cheering for all your friends. Then everyone threw their hats in the air.
Then the real fun began. About 1500 people came to the AAA graduation and I had to go find my parents, BA and HA. But guess who I found instead? My grandmother! She came! And better yet she knew where everyone else was, (no one sat together). So once we where all together again, plus my aunt and grandmother, we took lots of pictures. Then we went to our seperate vehicles (my mom's car, my aunts car, and BA's pickup)and my the long trek out to BA & HA's house. My mother's and Aunt's cars got to the house long before BA and crew did. So we took more pictures. They live out in the country away from everything and my grandmother insisted I take a picture of Cloud. Cloud was not very co-operative. Then the gang in the white pickup finally showed up so we went inside. And BA made everyone drinks (this is where the story gets weird. Its my party yet all I'm drinking is coke while everyone else is having high powered cocktails). BA and HA give my grandmother and aunt the grand tour while I talk with dad and my mother is already very obviously drunk and she hasn't finished her first drink. After some more talking my aunt and grandmother had to leave. Then there was more talking and BA foolishly gave my mother a second drink. Of course everyone else was on their 3rd, except me. (my mother is a major light weight and she was in the company of very hearty drinkers and I chose to babysit my mother instead of having fun) And we have a very amazing dinner that BA cooked. After dinner we had triple chocolate cake and toasts. And then the party really started. At one point my dad went to sleep on the couch and my mother passed out in GCA's room. BA was...well he was everywhere. HA and I stayed up looking up some information online about a plate from Finland she has. She is very into all things Finnish, of course that might have something to do with the fact that she is Finnish. But anyway while I was showing off my mad research skills (hello Art History major!) I finally had a whiskey and Coke. When we where done HA told me that I could hang out on the computer all night if I wanted but I went to bed instead. I had been up since 6:30 and hadn't slept the 2 days before. So I made my way to the drum room and crashed. All and all despite a few tense moments, green hair comments, and getting a little sun burnt, it was a pretty good day. It was really a lot more fun then I described. If you want details you are gonna have to ask.

website of the day: http://www.modernhumorist.com/mh/0203/moviecliche/moviecliche.mp3
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With all of my packing and cleaning I have decided to do a little mental house keeping. As you know I try to update fairly regularly but there are times I'm just not up to it for various reasons. That doesn't mean I didn't write an entry though, it just means it didn't get posted. I write on the bus all the time, (something I am really going to miss). So I have all of these un-posted entries cluttering up my mind, so I have decided over a period of time I am going to post them along with or instead of a regular entry until they are gone. So in the spirit of spring cleaning I am going to give you a brief preview of entries that are not getting posted but won't leave me alone anyway. Lucky you.

Forgotten Birthdays: I managed to miss both my great-grandmother's (101) and my oldest nephew's (17) birthdays this year.

The Erin Go Braughless party. This was part of my horrible St. Patrick's day I just refuse to relive it no matter how bad it haunts me.

My birthday is less then a month away. If I get another bath set I will scream.

I think I have said this before but I have heard that smoking can make your penis shrink a 1/2 an inch. There was a several page ramble to go with this but I think I will spare you unless you want to hear about it.

I had a massive debate on Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches vs. Ritz cracker peanut butter sandwiches. All you need to know is that peanut butter won. (Sorry Tini)

Most of you know I read a lot of Slash, so I had this long discussion about slash pairing names. To sum it up, even though it is not a pairing I read, my favorite pairing name is Dumb.(Dunn/Glomb)

Him is officially everywhere. I saw a wannabe Ville clone in Brookings over spring break.

Fangirling fangirls: I was going to gush over my favorite fanfic authors and fandoms but then I decided that it would just be better to try and stop being horribly shy and just come out of the lurking closet. Still working on that one.

This video disturbed me greatly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xEXfgjqtG8

My father has been watching the Riches (he has a thing for Minnie Driver) and he is convinced that Eddie Izzard used to go by Eddie Izzardo.

German guilt: This was a rather long rant about how my German speaking skills have gone to hell and that the only thing I use them for is trying to read through interviews in music mags and translating things for Hairball.

The Sharpie incident. See "The Erin Go Braughless party" above.

I had a very long rant trying to explain Ville Valo's mustache. The short version is "when you turn 30, you grow a mustache. It is something guys do."

I was going to sing the praises of valo_daily but it pretty much speaks for itself.

I was going to talk about all the disturbing commercials that have been appearing lately but I have been talking about them on and off for a while so I don't see the point in doing an entire post about them.

Islamic art and Architecture class was torture for many reasons, one was a certain individual that I may have a crush on. This is just too ridiculous to discuss further.

Website of the day: http://www.quia.com/de/
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Yesterday, I reached another local rite of passage. I bought a joke book from Frog. It is an elaborate ritual that involves squeasing several rubber chickens. But it means that I am now the proud owner of an autographed copy of Illegitamte Son of Frog.
Lately, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. For obvious reasons, I'm graduating. You'd think I'd be happy. It's not so much that I'm only noticig the endings, like Hairball's and my last late night Puckler's run of the year or the goodbye party at work. I also notice that it is a begining, a begining that scares me. As of the 15th I'll offically be unemployed. As of the 16th I'll be offically homeless. As of the 17th I'm offically moving back home because I have no where else to go. Granted I'm happy that at least I have a place to go, but there isn't anything there for me really.
A while back a girl at work said something to me, "I'm really worried about you moving back home." The full meaning of that didn't really sink in until very recently. It is not just that I am increadbly unhappy whenever I go home, or that I have no firends there, or job. Since I lived at home I have, not so much become a different person, but actaully act like myself now. When I go home on breaks I still hide things from people and just don't talk about certain aspects of my life. Its ok though because I come back here and I can more or less be myself again. That isnt to say that I fit in here or that I am happy here either. But it is a different kind of miserable.
Staying here isn't much of an option either. I don't really have any friends here that live here. I'm also not very happy here either. The hope is that I go home and save money and come up with some sort of plan to be somewhere else. Yeah I have no plan.
That is one of the worse parts about graduating. Its not the fact that I have no plan, its that people keep asking me what my plan is. Only my fellow graduates seem to understand that unless you know a person has a plan after graduation, you should never ask them what their plans are. See for me first I have to tell them that even though I am graduating, I am not actaully done with school, I still have to come back for a term in the fall. So I am not done until December. This summer I have to get a job and live at home and do whatever it is my mother requires of me so that she won't charge me rent (as she has threatened to do). Then in December, I will be exactly where I am now. So I have been telling people that I am going home in order to save some money and work on my art, so that I can travel and eventually move to Seattle or San Fransisco. I don't know if it is the truth but that is what I have been telling people.
I find myself wishing I could go back four years. Not that I liked high school. It was pretty much the worst time of my life so far. But at least then I wasn't in this spot now. I had firends, kinda, who where actually physically in the same city. They didn't really have time for me most of the time but hey they were there. I had an old but reasonably healthy dog and a cat who was my universe. Unlike now when I have a dead dog and have to leave Target in a hurry because they have those stupid scrapbooks that are like baby books for pets that you can put their little paws prints on like I wanted to get Ruby when she was a kitten. I was unhappy with my life and where I lived and assumed there where places that live could be different and I could find people like me. Now I actaully know. At least my mother is trying to understand that part. She is willing to work with me on the adjusting from one lifestyle to a new one thing. The only thing she won't budge on so far is getting an internet connection that isn't dial up. Her argument is "but you can use the library's computer for an hour a day." But enough about that. I try to remind myself of all the, for lack of a better term, life changing things that happened in the last four years, the good ones; meeting Hairball, becoming friends with Martini all over again, the HIM concert, going from virtually no computer skills to whatever I am now, the list goes one and on. But this makes it worse. It just adds to the things I wish had never happended bnecause you can't miss what you never had. Back then it seemed as though life was ahead of me. Now it seems as though I am somehow spirallying backwards, like the last four years didn't count. They didn't mean anything, the good or the bad. It was just one big cruel expensive joke. I feel as though small children should be pointing at me going "look mommy she failed at life." and then their mothers shush them saying it's not nice to point, politely nod at me and then drag their little brats away. That ended up being more depressing then I had intended.

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It was kind of a busy weekend. Friday after I got off work I turned in all my contracts for next year. Then I had to go back to work and talk to my boss so I could get out of the staff meeting and to make sure that they found my several notes about the fish. He has Popeye. I left instructions on how to deal with it taped to his bowl and I taped a disease/symptoms chart next to his feeding chart. Then I tried to take a nap. Then at 3 I went to the mandatory "bonus" class. I could have been at the end of the year meeting for an hour, ate some food and got my award and made it to the party that was at 5 on time but no. I rearranged my life to go to the bonus class on Friday instead of Tuesday so I wouldn't screw up my week. The class ran long. Then I ran into Patience. I forgot that her boyfriend's final architecture review was Friday, so I went to that and he did a very good job. He is graduating this year. Then I had to get ready and run to the store. I got to the party around 8. It was very fun but I left at 10 because it is tough being one of only 3 people not completely wasted. The pictures are appearing on facebook as we speak.
Saturday I got up early and went to Saturday Market for possibly the last time. I got my mom one of those wind-chimes she always looks at but never buys. Then I met Hairball at the bus station so we could go to the mall to buy my graduation dress. That took so long. But I have a dress. That is the important thing, I guess. The rest of the weekend was spent goofing off or on the phone with my mother trying to tie up loose ends. I should get back to studying because I have a final tomorrow.

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Ok I didn't mean for it to be so long inbetween entries.

Friday was crap.
Saturday was amazing. We took PowerPuffBoy to the mall and bought him a new dress and make up. Then we took him back to Hairball's room and made him pretty. Afterward we took him out to lunch. When we were finished with lunch we took him back to Hairball's room and cleaned him up. After we got him unpretty again he came back to my room and whined for 3 hours about something completely unrelated. Then I went to dinner with Hairball and when I checked my mail box, behold I had a package! From Canada no less. It was my amazing present from Martini. There may have been some squealing involved.
Sunday was crap.
Monday I noticed that in the hallway was a used condom that was still there from Saturday. It was also sushi night! Ok it wasn't as fabulous as promised but hey it was still sushi, even if it was from CostCo. They had also bought a bunch of Pocky and Korean candy and strawberries. There was also a movie but I couldn't stay because I had to go to work and write my awful paper for Islamic art and Architecture.
Tuesday RN and I noticed that my spectacular bruise from last Thursday is the same size as her fist. We decided that she comes into my room at night and beats me (she really doesn't).
Wednesday my profesor decided that the bonus class to make up for her absenses is madatory as the information in it will be on the final. We will be given extra credit for showing up. To accomidate everyone she is haveing three different classes instead of just having one and not putting the info on the final. So basically I can miss the last staff meeting at work or I can screw up my Tuesday. I also finally got my midterm back that everyone "failed. " I got a 79%. I'm not really worried. I also spent and extra hour making my paper look exactly like she wanted it to because she said if I screw up any of the formating she is docing 5% of my grade on it right off the bat. So my paper sucks but its pretty. Better yet it got turned in on time. But I decided to ignore all of that for time being because it was Sweet Life Buffet Night!! You cannot describe the experience of eating a pastry from Sweet Life. There are no words. We got 8 cakes, and assortment of brownies (they even got the black and white ones, my favorite), and some giant chocolate chip cookies. Afterwards I went to RN's to study for our final. It was an interesting experience. Her boyfriend was there to study too because technically he is in the class he just hasn't shown up for one since week 4. I also forgot that RN's room is were everyone hangs out so there were many other people there doing many other things but it was good session. It ended at 1:30 am.
Today was my History of Photography final. I did well on it. I also got my second paper back. I think I am the first person who Ville Valo has gotten them an A on an Art History paper. I loved my mother's reaction. She said "you should e-mail him and tell him that." Right, I'll get right on that mom. I also had my review for Origins of Abstract Art class. Have I told you how much I hate that class?
I was also sad to hear of vagueangel's passing. I didn't know her but she wrote good stories and seemed like a nice person. She will be missed.

websites of the day: http://www.actionscript.cl/
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Yay my history of photography paper is done! Wait what? I have 2 more papers to write? Research papers?! And then I have finals! And sushi night was canceled!! *sigh* So why am I writing an entry? Oh yeah youtube obsession.

"Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley feat. Allison Krauss is such a pretty song and there are tons of youtube videos for I have discovered:
there are 3 POTC ones but this is my favorite:
Firefly version:
remember Pretender anyone?:

I was also going to do a review of Uneasy Listening vol. 2 but lets just say I like it better than vol. 1, especially the first three songs and leave it at that.

website of the day: http://www.unusualmuseums.org/owl/
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Well you know that person who hogs 8 washers at the laundry mat? Well, I was that person at 3am this morning. Why you ask, because I share 16 washers with 700 people. So that was the plan today; get laundry done by 6, clean while the clothes are in the dryer, write my photography paper, nap till they serve brunch, go to the library, then clean till its time to take a nap before work. But this did not happen. Why? Because I got locked out of my room (and thus the basement where my laundry was) at 5am. I could not get in until 7:15. I couldn't get ahold of my RAs, my area desk was closed till 10am today, the duty pager never responded to any of our 4 calls. It was just me with my laundry basket waiting. I was going to as a cw to let me. They aren't supposed to but it would be worth a try. But then I remembered they don't work on memorial day. Then I rescued my laundry, and tried to clean off my bed enough to get into it. Venice showed up wanting to go to lunch to say good bye or something but I have no clue what she said now. I know at one point she looked at me and said "you looked stressed." No fuck! really? anyway I told her that I just wanted to go to bed and she is probably pissed at me. When I woke up I felt like I had been beaten with a stick, and nauseous. And my day went down hill from there. Now I must go finish my paper as it is due at 8:30.

website of the day: http://www.omodern.com/kult/
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Well yesterday I was basically a zombie all day. I went to my first class and fought to get permission do write my paper on the Metal Hammer cover, even though the magazine was in nola, and it got it. Win for me. I just kind of floated for the rest of the day. At one point I took a nap. When I woke up it was time for my other class. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Later I went to get dinner, after Martini called and woke me up. I wasn't very hungry but I thought I should eat something. It was a small portion of salmon with some rice and a couple pieces of squash. I took me three hours to eat it. Then I took a shower, which livened me up a little bit. I don't know why if I have to cry it happens when I'm in the shower. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been joined by one of the 80 idiots I live with. I told myself I was going to clean and do laundry but instead I played on pandora and perfected one of my stations. I ended up listening to very headbangable music very loudly , which I'm sure upset the girls that live next to me. They only listen to country and britney-esque pop. It wouldn't bother me as much as it does if it wasn't all the time, very loud, and the walls weren't so thin. Later, I felt the need for a slurpie and an over priced hotdog, so I made a late night run to 711. Then It was time for work. We were surprisingly busy for the first half of my shift. Then it died around 4am. After that I ended up reading and watching Hellsing. When I got off at 8 I had to help my boss with some stuff. Then I went straight to bed. LP says I'm getting better about sleeping and I think she maybe right. I kinda hope so, I get tired of being up for 4 days straight or only getting 6 hours sleep in a week. And I was woken up by a phone call from Hoobie at 4 because we were supposed to go to the mall. We had to run to catch the bus but we did. She got some clothes and a new game and I got some sunglasses, a new purse, and underwear. All a girl needs right? I got some ducks too. I really need to stop buying ducks. We got home around 9 which is when my dad called to yell at me for no reason. I'm sure he thought he wasn't yelling and that he was being helpful. Then I went and kept Maiko company till she closed. My book also finally came in and I now need to talk to my CD and plead my case to get an extension. All very boring I know. Tomorrow I shall try to be more interesting.

Websites of the Day: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/test2.html


Wed, May. 23rd, 2007 11:32 pm
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Oh what a day. Today started out rather pleasant. I was very happy. I had 4 amazing dreams, but then I looked at the clock and realized I missed class (well class was still in session but by the time I would have gotten there it would have been over). Which is very bad because we were going to get our midterms back today, the professor was going to tell us the syllabus changes and the girl who was going to give me notes from last time I missed class was going to give them to me today. I decided to got to class and catch people as they were leaving in hopes of at least getting the notes and an update, but then I fell asleep. When I woke up again, I had missed the office hours I was supposed to go to. I sent that professor an e-mail and I will try to catch her after class tomorrow. But I was woken up by venice knocking on my door. She needed advice because in order to not get kicked out of the university she needs to drop all her classes, but to stay in housing she must be a full time student, so she wanted to know who to talk to and how long she would have before they would make her move out after she dropped. She came to me because I am the Housing Ninja (a title Hairball gave me). So I helped her with that. I was happy to be helpful but a little sad she was having problems. Then I went to buy a slushie but got a giant cherry soda instead. Then I pretended to work on my papers a bit. Then I had to call mom and at the end of the conversation I had the guts to ask how Ruby was doing. Ruby died...MONDAY NIGHT! On top of being incredibly upset about my cat, I was pissed at my mom for not telling me. She had no intention of telling me and had several opportunities to do so because I have called home several times since then and she could have always called me. I told Martini and Hairball they are both upset and upset with my mother as well. So Martini made me a special entry on her lj and was doing the best she could to try to cheer me up online. She is a very good friend. And then I went to go find Hoobie in the dinning center. While I was there I checked my mail and I had two package slips. They made me feel a little better for three reasons: 1) the package slips said "coolest person ever" and "best DA ever" on them and they don't know what is going on,(I'm going to have to find to who did mail today and thank them), 2) it meant I had packages, and 3) Maiko was working and she always makes me feel better. The packages were presents from Mandy and the stuff I ordered from Amazon (that wasn't supposed to be here till the 4th). Mandy got me a very awesome craft book, that I will be trying out as soon as I can, a frog stained glass coloring book, and a very cute card. I love it all very much. From amazon I got Uneasy Listening Vol. 2 and the enhanced Summer Wine single. I also got something else that I might talk about in a friends locked entry at a later date. So I was very happy about that. Tini got me a present to make me feel better. Hairball and I went out for dinner and I was just kind of a Zombie mess. We talked about our picnic that we are having on Sunday and we might go to the mall on Friday. I haven't told Jenny yet because she hasn't been around to tell. So just when I was thinking I had no real friends, it turns out I have several truly amazing friends. Today has been very bizarre. I am both completely devastated and overjoyed at the same time, and I don't like it.

Website of the day: http://www.earlyamerica.com/

p.s. Yesterday wasn't all bad. I forgot that I got to talk with the fabulous Annie.
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Remember when I said Tuesdays suck? Well...TUESDAYS SUCK! To continue with yesterday, I registered for classes yesterday. I only need to take three classes next fall and I found three that would make up the perfect schedule, one I don't really care for the professor but I love the subject matter, the other two are classes I like with professors I love. Unfortunately, the two with the professors I love are at the same time, so I can't take them both and it just screws up my schedule all the way around because nothing else really fits and meets the requirements I need. All I can do now and hope that I don't screw up my GPA this term and at least pass everything in the fall, because I have no wiggle room for screwing up. And considering how my papers are going and how my Islamic Art and Architecture midterm went, things are not looking good. Also I got my Limited Edition Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 dvd yesterday. You would think this would be a good thing but no. I was excited because my computer is supposed to work as a multi-region player (I'm in the US and the dvd is from the UK so the dvd isn't really compatible with my player). Anyway, This turned out to be a lie. The bonus disk worked fine. On a whim I tried the bonus disk in my regular dvd player and it worked there too, which is rather odd. So I tried the other disk and it didn't work, no surprise there. But it wouldn't work in my computer either. One of the players on my computer let me change its region but its temporary and I can only do it four times. So I watched it because I didn't know how long it was going to be able to. It is very good and very beautifully put together. I'll come up with a long term solution later. Then I got the kitty news. Then I went to work. I didn't get to nap before work and I had to work with BM last night. She all but admitted to being drunk and was her usual unhelpful self. Not that there is a lot to do on the 11pm -8am shifts but she doesn't do anything and then expects people to pity her cause she "works so hard and is up all night." She slept for 4 hours of her shift last night and last time I worked with her she slept for 6 1/2 hours of her shift. And of course I have an 8:30 class after work. I honestly have no idea what we talked about today. I took notes but I can't read them. Then I had to do to office hours to get a picture okayed for a paper I'm writing. She loved it and wants me to do it (its the cover of the Oct 2005 Metal Hammer with Ville Valo on it) but she wants me to bring in the whole magazine. I can't! And whats more on the instructions it says reproductions of the picture and she hasn't asked anyone else to include the whole magazine. I have scans of the cover and of the Him article (she wants me to include information from the article as well) but the magazine belongs to my friend and she is 2 time zones away. So tomorrow I get to go talk to her again and hope I can make my case. Otherwise I'm writing about a fashion ad like everyone else. Then I sent a text I shouldn't of as I was running to class. Again no idea what happened in that class either but I took much better notes. Then I had to run to the library. I have only been able to find 2 books for one of my research papers and I had to order one of them from another university and it isn't here yet. The paper is due next Thursday. I spent the rest of the day trying to get kitty news and calm Martini down( because I freaked her out with my text). Not even Euro Rock Radio cheered me up. I have also missed all meals except breakfast. My low blood sugar is very upset with me. Lets hope I don't waste tomorrow.

Website of the day: http://froggy.lbl.gov/virtual/
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Ok this weekend was actually pretty good. My mom came and we got along the whole time, mostly. She brought me homemade stroganoff. Yay! We went shopping on friday and saturday. We got lost trying to find Borders on Friday so we went to the mall instead. My mother never gets to go to the mall so she was excited. Her favorite stores there are Claire's and Hottopic. We also went to Toys'r'us. I should probably never be aloud in toy stores. I play with everything and it takes every ounce of my being not to run around the store squealing. On Saturday we went to Saturday Market and she go this wall plaque that says Carpe Noctem. We finally found Borders. So yes, I am finally in possesion of the May Metal Hammer. Unfortunatly, I saw the Classic Rock Magazine with Steven Tyler on the cover but did not have the money to get both. le sigh. Anyway, the rest of the day was spent at thrift stores, Shoes Right Here, the chocolate shop, and several other stores. My mother likes to shop but doesn't get to get out much. At somepoint when we were in my room my mother was watching South Park, yes, its ok to be frightened. She left sunday with about half a carload of my belongings. Yet, when you look in my room it doesn't look like anything is missing. sigh. We were going to get a hotel for one night as a treat away from the dorms and a chance at a private shower. But we decided against it because of how much the vet bills were being estimated at.

Now here comes the bad news, the very bad news. My kitty is sick. My bratty evil cat that everyone hates, that is the center of my universe that I spoil rotten and love as though she is my child is sick. She is very sick. She wasn't eating and she was dehydrated so my mom took her to the vet Friday before she left to come up here. They said that Ruby was just a bit dehydrated and that her teeth were to blame for her not eating and that he was going to keep her over the weekend on an IV and give her a "dental" on Monday and she would be fine. We called Saturday to check on her and they said she was getting better. She was sitting up and screaming at everyone (very normal behavior for her). We went shopping for canned food because he said no more dried food. We got her a new tag for her collar. I looked at toys I was going to get her to say I was sorry for being gone so much. I called mom after she was supposed to pick up Ruby from the vet today. She was crying. Ruby is much worse. She is still dehydrated. They have given her so much fluid she should be over hydrated. She is barley moving. They have her in an oxygen tent. Her temperature is below normal so they have her on a water circulating heating pad. They have ruled out an infection because they have given her very antibiotic they could find with no change. They don't know what is wrong with her. I'm sobbing for hours on the phone and my mom is asking me what I want done with the body. She's not dead yet! I can't go home. I want to go home. I'm stuck here another month. Hairball tried to make me feel better with ice cream and gummi bears. I stopped careing about school and work awhile ago. I've already lost my dog, several family members, and a friend since this hellish school year started. I just want my kitty to be better.

websites of the day: http://www.freeonlinegames.com/play/2577.html
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So many things have happened in the last couple days I haven't really had time to update.
Sunday: Dad called with an update on the graduation party plans. Mostly it was a guest list update. I told him My grandmother was coming but he has yet to realize that he hasn't told my mother about the party yet. Good thing I did so the fireworks are already over with, I hope. I know 2 of my sisters are not coming but the other one we aren't sure about. She got and award and will be flying to Chicago the weekend before and they are going to some sort of amusement park the weekend before that.
Monday: The Hoobie was released! And then I had an unrelated breakdown of some sort. I was really in rare form this time. I got a little better and talked to Martini for a little bit. Then I had to go to work. I attempted to work on my paper but ultimately I ended up making play-dough flowers for 2 hours. I was happy that I could help RC with his homework. He was a real sweetheart and let me be weird for awhile. I was kinda surprised when he walked in with a hair cut and blue hair. Did I mention That I also missed class? There is way more to this but I'm not going to go into it. I also ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon.
Tuesday: I made it to class! Ok it felt like a complete waste of time but I got my midterm for my Origins of Abstract Art class. I got a B. Hooray. I also got my second History of Photography paper assignment. I have picked out several images to possibly do my paper on but I run them by the professor and she canceled her office hours this week. Oh and we have a Test in that class tomorrow morning and she didn't post the study guide until last night. I also got my housing contract for next year. My spirits were lifted a bit after finally talking to Hairball and listening to Him night.
Today: I am finally on the official graduation list now. I also finally got to talk with my Islamic Art and Architecture class professor about my paper for her class. She cried in class today. At work we had an end of the year meeting with all 3 area desks together. We sat through a presentation. Then all the superiors said their thank yous and such to everybody. I was one of the people singled out by name, which made me a minor center of attention later when we were having pizza and cake. I got to catch up with some people and I even got a hug and some congratulations. And DW was embarrassed around me for the 4th time in 3 days. Bless him. It was nice to catch up with CW, NC, DK, IL, MN, CO, and all the other lovely people than came and spoke to me tonight. I also think I have convinced my boss to dye a streak of her hair turquoise. Then I walked home and watched Jackass 2 again. And now since I have found my missing text books I'm off to go study.
I know this all sounds very boring. I guess you had to be there.

Website of the Day: http://www.baldrus.com/baldhalloffame.shtml


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