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Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 10:21 pm
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So I haven't posted in about two months. So I shall try to catch up in small increments.
Fan-girling and related activities
Well first and foremost HIM has been on my radar the most because they have been doing the Project Revolution tour and the new album is coming out and Ville was in rehab so I spent quite a bit of time catching up at [Unknown site tag] . There were tons of photos and article scans coming in.

When Project Revolution was in San Fransisco, Live 105 did an interview with HIM (well it was just Ville and Mige if I remember right), as well as a couple other bands. The Interviewer was, perhaps, an idiot. He could have been having an off day, but it made the interview entertaining. I don’t know if it is still on Live 105’s website or not.

As I told Hairball, I have been a very good girl. The Venus Doom album is coming out soon (today in the us, everywhere else earlier) and I have managed to avoid all of it. Ok, not all of it I did watch the "Kiss of Dawn" music video and I have been reading the magazine articles but that is it. I want it to be a surprise. I didn’t do any of those stupid games at heartagram. I didn’t listen to any of the music, officially leaked or otherwise. I downloaded nothing. I watched no videos (other than the Kiss of Dawn video of course) fan made, record company made, or of concerts where they were singing the songs. I avoided reading the lyrics when they were posted. I have been very patient. I have behaved myself. But if I have to wait until I am at school to buy the album I may cry…or at least speak harshly to a clerk.

There are three versions of the Venus doom album. I looked them all up to decide which I was going to buy. I decided the regular album would be the one I would spend my money on. The special edition just didn’t look like it was worth it. But we all know that once I know for absolute certain that I will have my job and if there is a way for me to get the special limited edition I will snap it up as though my very life depends upon it. But I am not holding my breath.

I also have a ticket to the concert in Portland. I even sort of have a plan on how I am going to get there and back, but hopefully I can find someone to go to the concert with me and create a better plan.

They played the SNL that Hugh Laurie hosted. Yay! *fangirl-like squeal* Ok, so I am a bit sad and pathetic, deal with it. It was awesome and I loved it, his accent, I got to see him in a dress, the opening monologue, it was worth not changing the channel.

I went to the Slow Children’s concert at the Hideaway. It was good. It was nice to get out. I saw a lot of people from high school that didn’t recognize me and I didn’t feel the need to reintroduce myself. I also saw my friend that I shall call here Spazzy. She is just as crazy as ever. We got to talk for awhile. I met a girl that I know only from myspace. She is from St. Louis but recently moved to the area. It was cool and creepy at the same time. I haven’t even seen her on myspace for a year or so. She recognized me from my old picture and I recognized her screen name. I bought a cd, danced with a total stranger, and spent a few hours at Hippiewoman’s house. All and all I think I had a pretty full evening. I even drank, perhaps, a little too much, eventually.

I have been trying to frame my autographed Bam pic since I got home. Right at the beginning of summer I found a frame that I was going to decorate to make it more…Bamesque, I suppose. But then I lost the bloody frame. I found another frame that actually looks almost exactly like what I wanted to do to the other frame. So I bought I and put Bam inside of it, but of course, what happened? I found the other frame. So now I have gone out and got most of the stuff I need to decorate it how I want and I will figure out what to do about the I have two frames for one pic thing later.

I have also been reading far too much slash and smut in general. And you thought there wasn't such a thing.

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With all of my packing and cleaning I have decided to do a little mental house keeping. As you know I try to update fairly regularly but there are times I'm just not up to it for various reasons. That doesn't mean I didn't write an entry though, it just means it didn't get posted. I write on the bus all the time, (something I am really going to miss). So I have all of these un-posted entries cluttering up my mind, so I have decided over a period of time I am going to post them along with or instead of a regular entry until they are gone. So in the spirit of spring cleaning I am going to give you a brief preview of entries that are not getting posted but won't leave me alone anyway. Lucky you.

Forgotten Birthdays: I managed to miss both my great-grandmother's (101) and my oldest nephew's (17) birthdays this year.

The Erin Go Braughless party. This was part of my horrible St. Patrick's day I just refuse to relive it no matter how bad it haunts me.

My birthday is less then a month away. If I get another bath set I will scream.

I think I have said this before but I have heard that smoking can make your penis shrink a 1/2 an inch. There was a several page ramble to go with this but I think I will spare you unless you want to hear about it.

I had a massive debate on Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches vs. Ritz cracker peanut butter sandwiches. All you need to know is that peanut butter won. (Sorry Tini)

Most of you know I read a lot of Slash, so I had this long discussion about slash pairing names. To sum it up, even though it is not a pairing I read, my favorite pairing name is Dumb.(Dunn/Glomb)

Him is officially everywhere. I saw a wannabe Ville clone in Brookings over spring break.

Fangirling fangirls: I was going to gush over my favorite fanfic authors and fandoms but then I decided that it would just be better to try and stop being horribly shy and just come out of the lurking closet. Still working on that one.

This video disturbed me greatly

My father has been watching the Riches (he has a thing for Minnie Driver) and he is convinced that Eddie Izzard used to go by Eddie Izzardo.

German guilt: This was a rather long rant about how my German speaking skills have gone to hell and that the only thing I use them for is trying to read through interviews in music mags and translating things for Hairball.

The Sharpie incident. See "The Erin Go Braughless party" above.

I had a very long rant trying to explain Ville Valo's mustache. The short version is "when you turn 30, you grow a mustache. It is something guys do."

I was going to sing the praises of valo_daily but it pretty much speaks for itself.

I was going to talk about all the disturbing commercials that have been appearing lately but I have been talking about them on and off for a while so I don't see the point in doing an entire post about them.

Islamic art and Architecture class was torture for many reasons, one was a certain individual that I may have a crush on. This is just too ridiculous to discuss further.

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Ok I didn't mean for it to be so long inbetween entries.

Friday was crap.
Saturday was amazing. We took PowerPuffBoy to the mall and bought him a new dress and make up. Then we took him back to Hairball's room and made him pretty. Afterward we took him out to lunch. When we were finished with lunch we took him back to Hairball's room and cleaned him up. After we got him unpretty again he came back to my room and whined for 3 hours about something completely unrelated. Then I went to dinner with Hairball and when I checked my mail box, behold I had a package! From Canada no less. It was my amazing present from Martini. There may have been some squealing involved.
Sunday was crap.
Monday I noticed that in the hallway was a used condom that was still there from Saturday. It was also sushi night! Ok it wasn't as fabulous as promised but hey it was still sushi, even if it was from CostCo. They had also bought a bunch of Pocky and Korean candy and strawberries. There was also a movie but I couldn't stay because I had to go to work and write my awful paper for Islamic art and Architecture.
Tuesday RN and I noticed that my spectacular bruise from last Thursday is the same size as her fist. We decided that she comes into my room at night and beats me (she really doesn't).
Wednesday my profesor decided that the bonus class to make up for her absenses is madatory as the information in it will be on the final. We will be given extra credit for showing up. To accomidate everyone she is haveing three different classes instead of just having one and not putting the info on the final. So basically I can miss the last staff meeting at work or I can screw up my Tuesday. I also finally got my midterm back that everyone "failed. " I got a 79%. I'm not really worried. I also spent and extra hour making my paper look exactly like she wanted it to because she said if I screw up any of the formating she is docing 5% of my grade on it right off the bat. So my paper sucks but its pretty. Better yet it got turned in on time. But I decided to ignore all of that for time being because it was Sweet Life Buffet Night!! You cannot describe the experience of eating a pastry from Sweet Life. There are no words. We got 8 cakes, and assortment of brownies (they even got the black and white ones, my favorite), and some giant chocolate chip cookies. Afterwards I went to RN's to study for our final. It was an interesting experience. Her boyfriend was there to study too because technically he is in the class he just hasn't shown up for one since week 4. I also forgot that RN's room is were everyone hangs out so there were many other people there doing many other things but it was good session. It ended at 1:30 am.
Today was my History of Photography final. I did well on it. I also got my second paper back. I think I am the first person who Ville Valo has gotten them an A on an Art History paper. I loved my mother's reaction. She said "you should e-mail him and tell him that." Right, I'll get right on that mom. I also had my review for Origins of Abstract Art class. Have I told you how much I hate that class?
I was also sad to hear of vagueangel's passing. I didn't know her but she wrote good stories and seemed like a nice person. She will be missed.

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Remember when I said Tuesdays suck? Well...TUESDAYS SUCK! To continue with yesterday, I registered for classes yesterday. I only need to take three classes next fall and I found three that would make up the perfect schedule, one I don't really care for the professor but I love the subject matter, the other two are classes I like with professors I love. Unfortunately, the two with the professors I love are at the same time, so I can't take them both and it just screws up my schedule all the way around because nothing else really fits and meets the requirements I need. All I can do now and hope that I don't screw up my GPA this term and at least pass everything in the fall, because I have no wiggle room for screwing up. And considering how my papers are going and how my Islamic Art and Architecture midterm went, things are not looking good. Also I got my Limited Edition Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 dvd yesterday. You would think this would be a good thing but no. I was excited because my computer is supposed to work as a multi-region player (I'm in the US and the dvd is from the UK so the dvd isn't really compatible with my player). Anyway, This turned out to be a lie. The bonus disk worked fine. On a whim I tried the bonus disk in my regular dvd player and it worked there too, which is rather odd. So I tried the other disk and it didn't work, no surprise there. But it wouldn't work in my computer either. One of the players on my computer let me change its region but its temporary and I can only do it four times. So I watched it because I didn't know how long it was going to be able to. It is very good and very beautifully put together. I'll come up with a long term solution later. Then I got the kitty news. Then I went to work. I didn't get to nap before work and I had to work with BM last night. She all but admitted to being drunk and was her usual unhelpful self. Not that there is a lot to do on the 11pm -8am shifts but she doesn't do anything and then expects people to pity her cause she "works so hard and is up all night." She slept for 4 hours of her shift last night and last time I worked with her she slept for 6 1/2 hours of her shift. And of course I have an 8:30 class after work. I honestly have no idea what we talked about today. I took notes but I can't read them. Then I had to do to office hours to get a picture okayed for a paper I'm writing. She loved it and wants me to do it (its the cover of the Oct 2005 Metal Hammer with Ville Valo on it) but she wants me to bring in the whole magazine. I can't! And whats more on the instructions it says reproductions of the picture and she hasn't asked anyone else to include the whole magazine. I have scans of the cover and of the Him article (she wants me to include information from the article as well) but the magazine belongs to my friend and she is 2 time zones away. So tomorrow I get to go talk to her again and hope I can make my case. Otherwise I'm writing about a fashion ad like everyone else. Then I sent a text I shouldn't of as I was running to class. Again no idea what happened in that class either but I took much better notes. Then I had to run to the library. I have only been able to find 2 books for one of my research papers and I had to order one of them from another university and it isn't here yet. The paper is due next Thursday. I spent the rest of the day trying to get kitty news and calm Martini down( because I freaked her out with my text). Not even Euro Rock Radio cheered me up. I have also missed all meals except breakfast. My low blood sugar is very upset with me. Lets hope I don't waste tomorrow.

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Tue, Feb. 27th, 2007 10:26 pm
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If you are searching for photos of your favorite band (or just about anything else for that matter) buzznet really is the place to search. It used to be my favorite place to watch fan videos as well (it was around long before youtube). I still recommend it to everyone, fans are the ones that post there and they can be very resourceful. I have been all but avoiding buzznet since I made Martini's birthday present. Recently though, I went back. I spent three days looking for this picture: using other means but I couldn't find it. I found related pictures but not the exact one I was looking for. So finally, I went on buzznet and found it in about 10 minutes. I thought maybe after my long absence I would be wanting to go back to playing there daily and use it with my massive pic searches like old times, but no, not even with its pretty new layout and convenient search guide. Buzznet you're still the best but the love affair is definitely over.

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Okay, so it's a bit late. Enjoy it anyway! Part of it is NSFW so it is under a cut:
OMG Zombies )

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