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Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008 03:21 am
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Fall Term 2

Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008 02:04 am
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Well, now that I am well rested I shall continue my summary of fall term.

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Happy Halloween

Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007 09:01 pm
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I hope you are all having an awesome Halloween. At work I dressed up as the filing fairy. My boss gave me fluorescent Blue temporary hair dye as a present. I also went by the area desk and got some candy as well as trick or treating on facebook. Originally Hairball and I had planned on doing a movie night at her house while we put together my graduation announcements, but we both had to cancel. I then planned on doing the free online horror film festival. It featured the classics Night of the Living Dead, Dementia 13, Horror Hotel, Black Sabbath, The Ape, I Eat Your Skin, Mania, My Son the Vampire, and Countess Dracula. But my midterm got moved to November 1st, so now I shall have no fun and study instead. Ok, so I had a little fun. I splurged on dinner. I got shrimp bento box and a Philly roll (sushi) from downstairs. I shall make up for it on Friday.
Have fun!

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"A Little Geeky"

Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Friday was Freebies at Freddy's. It pretty much sucked but I got to spend time with Hoobie. I went in for batteries and a lock. I came out with batteries, a lock, a beware of cat sign, temporary hair dye, groceries and a cool hat. Its a cheap red vinyl "biker" hat with devil horns...and a small tail.

Saturday was Intermingle. It was the first time I have gone to Intermingle since I have been here. Either it just wasn't very good this year or it has been really overrated in the past. There were some nice freebies though.

Saturday I also made a sign for our door. Each year, each hall/floor has themed name signs for the occupants. Ours are these green and yellow pirate ducks. My roommate and I weren't really feeling it, so I made us a new sign. By the way downstairs their signs are Calvin and Hobbes comics. I used a black and white pic of Bam for the base and I wrote our names in red using a font I got at, called Cold Night for Alligators. There was an awkward space in the corner so I put a spray paint heartagram pic I found in the corner. I "laminated" it, so now it has this film grain effect to it. Then I hung it up using purple duct tape. It looks pretty good, especially since I used Microsoft word to do it. I really need a better editing program than any of the ones I have.

Sunday I got my nose pierced. It was amazing and I just love it. I did get one compliment from Volvoboy. I don't know if it was sincere or not but I thought I should just take it and run. My roommate, Hairball, and powderpuffboy watched me get it done. They had fun. Hairball wanted the guy to do it with the toothpick. He said he liked us. He also said that he liked how easy I was to do (the girl before me had been very difficult). "That was easy, you just laid there and let me do it" (we are talking about piercing my nostril people, no funny business!). The group of us went to pizza afterwards. I got a hoop with a bead (they always do a kind with a bead for your first hoop). I picked out a purple cat eye stone for the bead. I thought it was very fitting, although some people think it is pink. Arg, look closer it is white and purple people! As always my first though was after I got it done was I want another piercing.

Today was the first day of classes and work. I had History of Photography of the American West, Humanities 101, and Meditation today. For the photography class we are going to have to make these online galleries/journals on flickr. In Humanities 101 we discussed what Humanities was and some appalling facts. Now these appalling facts I have learned in other classes but I am taking an freshmen intro class my 5th year so this is to be expected. Appalling facts: Because we are not gods, we die, because we are not animals, we are aware of it, because we are not gods our lives are unpredictable, because we are not animals, we are aware of it, even though we sometimes need reminding (thats what the Greeks are for). I don't know how I feel about meditation class yet.
My first day of work was exactly how I expected it to be. I filed for two hours and tomorrow I shall do it for four. Although my boss made this comment as I was leaving "I like that, you come in, you do your job, and then you clock out. I like that." Was something different expected of me?

coming soon:
New digs review (its done but I am too lazy to post)
Venus Doom review(again too lazy to post)
A F-locked Roommate review (I want to give it till the end of the week)

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Life and Whatnot

Thu, Sep. 20th, 2007 11:51 pm
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Ok Tuesday I went music shopping armed with $40 in gift certificates. Shock and astonishment they actually had a copy of Venus Doom on the release date! I guess being good pays off sometimes (not really). I have listened to it once because I had too but I am waiting to give it the full attention it deserves and that I can't give it at the moment. The only thing I will say about it now is that If you are a Love Metal fan, you'll love it. If Dark Light is the best album in the world according to you, you'll hate it. I also bought Aerosmith by Aerosmith, Bam Margera Presents Viva la Bands vol.2, and The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us) by NOFX. My love for Aerosmith is well know so I am not going to explain that one. VLB v.2 I have been looking for since I heard it came out. I looked in new releases, I looked under V for various artists but I never thought to look under B for Bam (which is where I found it while looking for something else). It is an amazing collection but I have yet to watch the DVD that came with it. And I love NOFX. "Wore out the Soles of my Party Boots" is my favorite NOFX song. GSEW is the only album with "Wore out the Soles of my Party Boots" on it. Music shopping for me is a very serious buisness. I must carefully consider every album in the store and sort through my mental list of what I want, how bad I want it, and how to maximize my money. Because as much as I am obsessed with music I can't go shopping very often so I save up money (and gift certificates) to buy as much as I can in one sitting.
Wednesday was spent packing.
Today was spent moving in. It's kind of weird to be back. It is very weird to have a roommate again. It is also very weird not working at the area desk, but it was nice to find out they got nothing but love for me over there. I will go on tomorrow but for now I must go to bed because I am very tired and I have a job interview tomorrow morning.

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Beginnings 2/10

Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 07:36 am
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Ok, so I ended up working for Linda the whole summer. We worked on both houses, mostly the house up the river. At the end we ended up working on getting her classroom ready for the school year. I hope she was able to finish without me because that last week before school I was working on the car show and then I was sick. I actually have been sick a lot this summer. She worked me very hard and frankly I am so far removed from it now I don't really want to go into much detail, especially since it did have some good perks and she paid well. I hope I remember to call her today since she called this weekend, but I was sick, again and yesterday I just forgot. I must seem like a real heel. I did somehow manage to make my money goal. Although I kinda wish I made a little more since a bunch of big money expenses have creeped up on me. I can still do it but it is going to be tight. Which brings me to my other news. Housing e-mailed me. They want me to work in the main office. It sounds like I have the job but they want to do a short interview. I am hoping it is just a formality but anything can happen so I don't want to say I have the job yet. But it would certain make things a bit easier.

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From Friday June 15th:
There were PRCRs everywhere! Blue,yellow and pink sheets flying through the air. We don't know when Patty finally lost it but at some point she just laid down and died in the back. We just buried her in PRCRs and kept on going. They just kept coming with papers and keys and phone calls. We racked as fast as we could! We typed till our little fingers bled. They just kept dropping all around me. Everything started to get fuzzy then and the room spun. The keys! The keys!
O.K. that isn't how my last day of work went but it is what my boss and I were saying would happen during close down before hand. Actually close down went quite well. Moving in the summer kids did not go nearly as well but there is always going to be a few snags. And then magically at nine o'clock I was done. I clocked out for the last time at the Area Desk ever and walked away. I was elated.
Then my mood turned sour. I called my room and my mother's cell phone five times to get her to let me in the building so I could go to my room. I even shouted at my open window. Still she never came down to let me in. I imagined all sorts of scenarios, she was in the bathroom, she was in the car, she fell and busted her skull open and is now in need of serious medical attention. So, I called my friend who also lived in the building and was staying over an extra day to come let me in. I felt bad because she was spending time with her family that flew in from Japan but she was the only one that could let me. We get up there and there is my mother scrubbing the carpet.There is glass everywhere and red on her arms so my friend and I automatically assume the worst but she was fine. She just put my very large bottle of pomegranate syrup, that I had bought to bring home so I could have pomegranate Italian sodas at home because you can't buy that flavor of syrup anywhere even remotely near where I live, on the edge of a shelf, that I told her not to put things on, and it fell. Yes, my mother was packing for me and cleaning my room while I was at work. It was her idea. I would have much rather her not show up till Saturday and and me be up all night after work packing by myself. Whenever my mother "helps" me things get lost and broken. Not that I don't love my mother and appreciate that she actually wants to help me. Oh I need to just stop before I say something bad.

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With all of my packing and cleaning I have decided to do a little mental house keeping. As you know I try to update fairly regularly but there are times I'm just not up to it for various reasons. That doesn't mean I didn't write an entry though, it just means it didn't get posted. I write on the bus all the time, (something I am really going to miss). So I have all of these un-posted entries cluttering up my mind, so I have decided over a period of time I am going to post them along with or instead of a regular entry until they are gone. So in the spirit of spring cleaning I am going to give you a brief preview of entries that are not getting posted but won't leave me alone anyway. Lucky you.

Forgotten Birthdays: I managed to miss both my great-grandmother's (101) and my oldest nephew's (17) birthdays this year.

The Erin Go Braughless party. This was part of my horrible St. Patrick's day I just refuse to relive it no matter how bad it haunts me.

My birthday is less then a month away. If I get another bath set I will scream.

I think I have said this before but I have heard that smoking can make your penis shrink a 1/2 an inch. There was a several page ramble to go with this but I think I will spare you unless you want to hear about it.

I had a massive debate on Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches vs. Ritz cracker peanut butter sandwiches. All you need to know is that peanut butter won. (Sorry Tini)

Most of you know I read a lot of Slash, so I had this long discussion about slash pairing names. To sum it up, even though it is not a pairing I read, my favorite pairing name is Dumb.(Dunn/Glomb)

Him is officially everywhere. I saw a wannabe Ville clone in Brookings over spring break.

Fangirling fangirls: I was going to gush over my favorite fanfic authors and fandoms but then I decided that it would just be better to try and stop being horribly shy and just come out of the lurking closet. Still working on that one.

This video disturbed me greatly

My father has been watching the Riches (he has a thing for Minnie Driver) and he is convinced that Eddie Izzard used to go by Eddie Izzardo.

German guilt: This was a rather long rant about how my German speaking skills have gone to hell and that the only thing I use them for is trying to read through interviews in music mags and translating things for Hairball.

The Sharpie incident. See "The Erin Go Braughless party" above.

I had a very long rant trying to explain Ville Valo's mustache. The short version is "when you turn 30, you grow a mustache. It is something guys do."

I was going to sing the praises of valo_daily but it pretty much speaks for itself.

I was going to talk about all the disturbing commercials that have been appearing lately but I have been talking about them on and off for a while so I don't see the point in doing an entire post about them.

Islamic art and Architecture class was torture for many reasons, one was a certain individual that I may have a crush on. This is just too ridiculous to discuss further.

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It was kind of a busy weekend. Friday after I got off work I turned in all my contracts for next year. Then I had to go back to work and talk to my boss so I could get out of the staff meeting and to make sure that they found my several notes about the fish. He has Popeye. I left instructions on how to deal with it taped to his bowl and I taped a disease/symptoms chart next to his feeding chart. Then I tried to take a nap. Then at 3 I went to the mandatory "bonus" class. I could have been at the end of the year meeting for an hour, ate some food and got my award and made it to the party that was at 5 on time but no. I rearranged my life to go to the bonus class on Friday instead of Tuesday so I wouldn't screw up my week. The class ran long. Then I ran into Patience. I forgot that her boyfriend's final architecture review was Friday, so I went to that and he did a very good job. He is graduating this year. Then I had to get ready and run to the store. I got to the party around 8. It was very fun but I left at 10 because it is tough being one of only 3 people not completely wasted. The pictures are appearing on facebook as we speak.
Saturday I got up early and went to Saturday Market for possibly the last time. I got my mom one of those wind-chimes she always looks at but never buys. Then I met Hairball at the bus station so we could go to the mall to buy my graduation dress. That took so long. But I have a dress. That is the important thing, I guess. The rest of the weekend was spent goofing off or on the phone with my mother trying to tie up loose ends. I should get back to studying because I have a final tomorrow.

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It has occurred to me that as often as I talk about work, I have never really told you what I actually do.
It's under a cut because it's long and boring

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Well yesterday I was basically a zombie all day. I went to my first class and fought to get permission do write my paper on the Metal Hammer cover, even though the magazine was in nola, and it got it. Win for me. I just kind of floated for the rest of the day. At one point I took a nap. When I woke up it was time for my other class. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Later I went to get dinner, after Martini called and woke me up. I wasn't very hungry but I thought I should eat something. It was a small portion of salmon with some rice and a couple pieces of squash. I took me three hours to eat it. Then I took a shower, which livened me up a little bit. I don't know why if I have to cry it happens when I'm in the shower. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been joined by one of the 80 idiots I live with. I told myself I was going to clean and do laundry but instead I played on pandora and perfected one of my stations. I ended up listening to very headbangable music very loudly , which I'm sure upset the girls that live next to me. They only listen to country and britney-esque pop. It wouldn't bother me as much as it does if it wasn't all the time, very loud, and the walls weren't so thin. Later, I felt the need for a slurpie and an over priced hotdog, so I made a late night run to 711. Then It was time for work. We were surprisingly busy for the first half of my shift. Then it died around 4am. After that I ended up reading and watching Hellsing. When I got off at 8 I had to help my boss with some stuff. Then I went straight to bed. LP says I'm getting better about sleeping and I think she maybe right. I kinda hope so, I get tired of being up for 4 days straight or only getting 6 hours sleep in a week. And I was woken up by a phone call from Hoobie at 4 because we were supposed to go to the mall. We had to run to catch the bus but we did. She got some clothes and a new game and I got some sunglasses, a new purse, and underwear. All a girl needs right? I got some ducks too. I really need to stop buying ducks. We got home around 9 which is when my dad called to yell at me for no reason. I'm sure he thought he wasn't yelling and that he was being helpful. Then I went and kept Maiko company till she closed. My book also finally came in and I now need to talk to my CD and plead my case to get an extension. All very boring I know. Tomorrow I shall try to be more interesting.

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Remember when I said Tuesdays suck? Well...TUESDAYS SUCK! To continue with yesterday, I registered for classes yesterday. I only need to take three classes next fall and I found three that would make up the perfect schedule, one I don't really care for the professor but I love the subject matter, the other two are classes I like with professors I love. Unfortunately, the two with the professors I love are at the same time, so I can't take them both and it just screws up my schedule all the way around because nothing else really fits and meets the requirements I need. All I can do now and hope that I don't screw up my GPA this term and at least pass everything in the fall, because I have no wiggle room for screwing up. And considering how my papers are going and how my Islamic Art and Architecture midterm went, things are not looking good. Also I got my Limited Edition Love Metal Archives Vol. 1 dvd yesterday. You would think this would be a good thing but no. I was excited because my computer is supposed to work as a multi-region player (I'm in the US and the dvd is from the UK so the dvd isn't really compatible with my player). Anyway, This turned out to be a lie. The bonus disk worked fine. On a whim I tried the bonus disk in my regular dvd player and it worked there too, which is rather odd. So I tried the other disk and it didn't work, no surprise there. But it wouldn't work in my computer either. One of the players on my computer let me change its region but its temporary and I can only do it four times. So I watched it because I didn't know how long it was going to be able to. It is very good and very beautifully put together. I'll come up with a long term solution later. Then I got the kitty news. Then I went to work. I didn't get to nap before work and I had to work with BM last night. She all but admitted to being drunk and was her usual unhelpful self. Not that there is a lot to do on the 11pm -8am shifts but she doesn't do anything and then expects people to pity her cause she "works so hard and is up all night." She slept for 4 hours of her shift last night and last time I worked with her she slept for 6 1/2 hours of her shift. And of course I have an 8:30 class after work. I honestly have no idea what we talked about today. I took notes but I can't read them. Then I had to do to office hours to get a picture okayed for a paper I'm writing. She loved it and wants me to do it (its the cover of the Oct 2005 Metal Hammer with Ville Valo on it) but she wants me to bring in the whole magazine. I can't! And whats more on the instructions it says reproductions of the picture and she hasn't asked anyone else to include the whole magazine. I have scans of the cover and of the Him article (she wants me to include information from the article as well) but the magazine belongs to my friend and she is 2 time zones away. So tomorrow I get to go talk to her again and hope I can make my case. Otherwise I'm writing about a fashion ad like everyone else. Then I sent a text I shouldn't of as I was running to class. Again no idea what happened in that class either but I took much better notes. Then I had to run to the library. I have only been able to find 2 books for one of my research papers and I had to order one of them from another university and it isn't here yet. The paper is due next Thursday. I spent the rest of the day trying to get kitty news and calm Martini down( because I freaked her out with my text). Not even Euro Rock Radio cheered me up. I have also missed all meals except breakfast. My low blood sugar is very upset with me. Lets hope I don't waste tomorrow.

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So many things have happened in the last couple days I haven't really had time to update.
Sunday: Dad called with an update on the graduation party plans. Mostly it was a guest list update. I told him My grandmother was coming but he has yet to realize that he hasn't told my mother about the party yet. Good thing I did so the fireworks are already over with, I hope. I know 2 of my sisters are not coming but the other one we aren't sure about. She got and award and will be flying to Chicago the weekend before and they are going to some sort of amusement park the weekend before that.
Monday: The Hoobie was released! And then I had an unrelated breakdown of some sort. I was really in rare form this time. I got a little better and talked to Martini for a little bit. Then I had to go to work. I attempted to work on my paper but ultimately I ended up making play-dough flowers for 2 hours. I was happy that I could help RC with his homework. He was a real sweetheart and let me be weird for awhile. I was kinda surprised when he walked in with a hair cut and blue hair. Did I mention That I also missed class? There is way more to this but I'm not going to go into it. I also ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon.
Tuesday: I made it to class! Ok it felt like a complete waste of time but I got my midterm for my Origins of Abstract Art class. I got a B. Hooray. I also got my second History of Photography paper assignment. I have picked out several images to possibly do my paper on but I run them by the professor and she canceled her office hours this week. Oh and we have a Test in that class tomorrow morning and she didn't post the study guide until last night. I also got my housing contract for next year. My spirits were lifted a bit after finally talking to Hairball and listening to Him night.
Today: I am finally on the official graduation list now. I also finally got to talk with my Islamic Art and Architecture class professor about my paper for her class. She cried in class today. At work we had an end of the year meeting with all 3 area desks together. We sat through a presentation. Then all the superiors said their thank yous and such to everybody. I was one of the people singled out by name, which made me a minor center of attention later when we were having pizza and cake. I got to catch up with some people and I even got a hug and some congratulations. And DW was embarrassed around me for the 4th time in 3 days. Bless him. It was nice to catch up with CW, NC, DK, IL, MN, CO, and all the other lovely people than came and spoke to me tonight. I also think I have convinced my boss to dye a streak of her hair turquoise. Then I walked home and watched Jackass 2 again. And now since I have found my missing text books I'm off to go study.
I know this all sounds very boring. I guess you had to be there.

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Here we go another long-ass update. I figure since I haven't given a real update in over a month, so I thought I would honor you with one of my trade mark very long bullet style updates. It's really long but it's worth it. So get a snack, pull up a chair and Enjoy!

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Wow that was long.

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Here we go again

Mon, Apr. 2nd, 2007 11:40 pm
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On Saturday I was running around getting ready to leave. I said good bye to everyone. When I was at my aunt's I found out that she will be a tribal elder on her birthday. On top of my errands I also went to the pirate shop, where i would spend far too much of my money if given the opportunity. I also went to a couple galleries. I am very fond of the work of Mary Amarcillo (I am very sorry if i spelt her name wrong), especially her pastel cats, Nancy Tuttle, Horst Wolf, and Liz James. I have to say though that my new favorite artist is Destiny Schwartz. Her work is on display at Eye for Art Gallery. She works in multiple mediums. The first piece I saw was a table Entitled "Hey Diddle Diddle." I really loved it. Then I saw a group of miniature sculptures that I just fell in love with. They also just happened to be by her, as well as some fascinating prints. Mom said some of her work reminded her of mine. If only I was that good. I also finally got my sister's package sent off AGAIN. This thing has been to Texas, Brookings, Eugene, and back to Brookings again. This time it is going to Arizona and lets hope it stays there. I also tried Ben and Jerry's Black and Tan ice cream. OMG! It is delicious.
Sunday was spent sleeping in the car as mom drove, as always. She was freaking out because we lost and hour somewhere. So then we went to lunch and grocery shopping and then she left. I took another nap. I called her and asked what time it was because if the clock in the car was right my clock was wrong. Apparently when mom was cleaning the car she accidently pushed the a clock setting button and changed the hour. So she freaked out and didn't do the shopping she wanted for nothing and who knows if she will ever be able to make it up here again before I move.
Today was my first day of classes. I had 1. It was at 8:30 in the morning yay. It was Islamic art and architecture. I then went out an bought the books for the class because we have a huge assignment due on wed. Then I took another nap. Cause Its my first day back at work! yay! And they still haven't figured out how to do mail right yet. Come on people! On the plus side there was an thank you note from Annie in my in box and people seem to enjoy their little surprise presents from me. No one know its was me! Except of course the people that ask me and can read my signature.

On an unrelated side note Elton John is now 60.

Well back to the insanity.

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Since I haven't been able to update in forever I decided that I should while I still have the chance.

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Emo Kat

Mon, Mar. 5th, 2007 11:41 pm
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I have the sexiest hair ever, and that really should be enough, but it has been a really shitty day. First, I missed my first class. We are all still completely confused as to how that happened. Then we had our winter training meeting at work. I have managed to make not a bad but not a good impression on my new boss and I haven't even worked for her yet. I had a freak out that even had Hairball a little worried about me. And the seemingly never-ending saga of me trying not to be homeless next fall continues. I also haven't slept in about two days. Big surprise. My laundry isn't done. None of my papers are done, and a really need to finish with some books so another girl can used them. I've been trying to save money by living just on meal points and not buying food. That is really not going well. I haven't spoke with anyone outside of work besides Hairball in days. I think I'm losing it...again. Yet I take time out of my day to tell you all about it. Yay.

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Ok, so today was a bit better, mostly because I got paid yesterday. Today I finally bought the circular barbells for my ears. Hairball and I also hit some sales at the mall. Now I have a magnificent soft-sided corset. That also means that I earned all of my divastyle points so I get 5% off all my purchases at Torrid for a year. I found a nail polish that is almost a match for my beloved discontinued Panic by bonnie bell. I also replaced some earrings that I have lost. I got through my meeting at work and set up a meeting with one of my professors. I also got an e-mail today saying that my dye was shipped today. yippee! Hairball and I also saw the cutest kitten today. OMG it was gorgeous. It was also the tiniest kitten I have ever seen. I could have put it in my pocket. There was also a VeniceBiatch sighting today, well actually it was a white board scribbling but close enough. Dave on blogography was amusing today. He finally discovered facebook. And my eggs on my profile page hatched. I guess I'll go back to working on papers now.

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bloody and sleepy

Wed, Feb. 28th, 2007 11:53 pm
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I'm so ready for this term to be over. If I am not at work or in class, I'm sleeping or at least attempting to. I still haven't gotten those photos posted that I promised. I have to get a paper done early because someone else needs the books now. We live in the same dorm so she decided to work on the same topic so she could get the books from me. I have another paper due in a little over a week. I need to meet with my professor because I managed to sleep through both sets of his office hours, even after I set the alarm. I have been working on my papers. I'm behind on my reading again, but that is normal. My boss is switching desks next week, so I'll have a new boss come monday. Hairball is possibly moving. VeniceBiatch is MIA. She still has my stuff and we need to talk about next year because I'd personally rather not be homeless. Also I have another meeting at work about my grades. I don't know why. I took care of this at the beginning of the term and my grades have improved. I don't know what's going on but I'm glad class has been canceled for tomorrow. To top it all off, its been freezing rain and wimpy snow all day except for that weird little moment of sunshine. On the plus side I did get to register for classes next term and I bought hair dye today. So hopefully next week I'll have new hair. Next term I'm taking Islamic art and architecture, Origins of Abstract art, and history of photography. Not really what I wanted to take but it is what was available. Also as an update I adopted some fetuses and I made some Icons. The icons are on [ profile] gummiwolf's profile.

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This is actually kind of old but I wrote it before all the unpleasantness of the last couple of weeks so I thought I'd post it to lighten the mood. Hairball went to Conneticut from Februrary 5-11 for a funeral and so I was left alone and bored, so I wrote about what I did. I put it under a cut because of the length but it's funny and has a couple pictures so enjoy!

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