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Giant table is giant

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1.Sweet, nourishing gruel! 2.You mean I shaved my bikini zone for nothing? 3.Pain is the cleanser, pain is the cleanser! 4.Can't sleep. Clown'll eat me. 5.Oh, why does my death keep coming back to haunt me?
6.Bed goes up, bed goes down, bed goes up, bed goes down. 7.Sweetie, you seem blue. Did the last of something die? 8.Bye, witches! Thanks for not eating me! 9.For lucky best wash use Mr. Sparkle. He banishes dirt to the land of wind and ghosts! 10.My demons and I are closer than ever.
11.Fighting only makes it tighter. 12.Why do people run from me? 13.You're like my mommy after her box of wine. 14.So... do you like............ stuff? 15.What is your fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?
16.The dead have risen... and they're voting Republican... 17.I can't believe it. Jerry Springer didn't solve our conflict 18."Maybe there is no moral to this story."
"Nah. It's just a bunch of stuff that happened."
19.Do you even remember when you lost your passion for this job? 20.Yeah, yeah, get in the bowl.
21."In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic."

"Well, duh."
22.That oughta hold the little S.O.B.'s. 23.Mmmmm... forbidden donut... 24.And now, what we all came here to see - hardcore nudity! 25."Homer, is this how you pictured married life?"

"Yeah, pretty much, except we drove around in a van solving mysteries."
26.Woohoo! I'm drenched in blood! 27."I can't believe he acted completely in character." 28."Dad, we did something very bad!"

"Did you wreck the car?"


"Did you raise the dead?"


"But the car's okay."

"Uh huh."

"Alright then."
29."What's the point of going out? We're just going to wind up back here anyway." 30."As usual, a knife-wielding maniac shows us the way."
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Vexed found the plot generator. It's basically a giant mad lib that creates a backcover novel summary with “reviews”. You can put in your own fills or use ones from their drop menu. The genres you can do are horror, short story, movie script, story ideas, drabble, freestyle, romance, fantasy, paranormal, crime, mystery, science, dystopian, vampire, Bronte, or summertime. It's ridiculously addicting and we both spent way too much time on it.

Here are two that although completely cracktastic, I feel compelled to write them, eventually:

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15 Kinks Table

Wed, Jun. 7th, 2017 09:58 am
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My claim is Supernatural, Rowena/Sam Winchester, Capricorn Table (That table was all "your choice" prompts to build your own table)


001.Edging 002.Latex 003.Blackmail 004.Handjob/Fingering 005.Rimming
006.Breathplay 007.Abuse of Power 008.Spanking 009.Anal Sex/Pegging 010.Pushy Bottom
011.Loss of Control 012.Possessiveness 013.Hunter Becomes Prey 014.Urgent Fucking 015.Immobilization

Meme Time

Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 04:30 pm
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Nabbed from [personal profile] vexed_wench

Ask and I shall do my best to answer.

1. Things that inspire you

2. Things that motivate you
3. Name three favorite writers
4. Name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why
5. Since how long do you write?
6. How did writing change you?
7. Early influences on your writing
8. What time are you most productive?
9. Do you set yourself deadlines?
10. How do you do your researches?
11. Do you listen to music when writing?
12. Favorite place to write
13. Hardest character to write

14. Easiest character to write
15. Hardest verse to write
16. Easiest verse to write
17. Favorite AU to write 

18. Favorite pairing to write 

19. Favorite fandom to write

20. Favorite character to write
21. Least favorite character to write
22. Favorite story you’ve ever written
23. Least favorite story you’ve ever written
24. Favorite scene you’ve ever written
25. Favorite line you’ve ever written

26. Story you’re most proud of
27. Best review you ever got

28. Worst review you ever got 

29. Favorite story/poem of another author
30. Hardest part of writing

31. Easiest part of writing
32. Alternate title for (insert story title)
33. Alternate ending for (insert story title)
34. Alternate pairing for (insert story title)
35. Single story or multi-part story?
 One-shot or multi-chaptered story?
36. Canon or au?
 Do you reread your own stories? 
Do you want to be published some day?
37. Which one of your stories would you most like to see as a movie/series
38. One song that captures (insert story title)
 do you plan or do you write whatever comes to your mind?
39. Would you ever write a sequel for (insert fic title here)
40. Do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?
share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet
41. Share a scene of a story that you haven’t published yet
42. How many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?
43. Three spoilers for (insert story title)
44. Writing advice
45. Open question to the writer


Sun, May. 14th, 2017 09:50 am
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At the time in which I finished my fic for the Dean Winchester Big Bang, I was very emotional about it. The fic had been exceptionally difficult for me and I was incredibly proud of it at the same time. I felt this need to and planned this big post that was basically a giant, messy, gushing Oscar acceptance/prom queen speech at the time. Then life went sideways immediately afterwards, as it tends to do, and I never got a chance.

I am still incredibly proud of my fic, so almost two months later, here is that post (though a bit toned down).

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15 Kisses Claim

Wed, May. 10th, 2017 11:34 am
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Yes, I am crazy to add another claim to my list, but I am hoping that it will poke me into double dipping into my other stuff.

[community profile] 15kisses Supernatural- Bobby Singer/Sam Winchester - Sagittarius


001.Fuse 002.Storm 003.Burn 004.Humiliation 005.Danger
006.Boredom 007.Determined 008.Transcend 009.Flexibility 010.Tread
011.Passion 012.Scent 013.Blushing 014.Shallow 015.Frustration


Sun, Apr. 9th, 2017 01:17 pm
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Part of this repeats this post and this post, but some of it is new.

It's a little long, so I put it under a cut. Not all of you will find the information useful, but you might know someone that will. Please pass on the info you think might help.

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[livejournal.com profile] spn_cinema
Claims for authors, artists, vidders, podficcers and fanmixers go up August 6th @ 10am CST!

I personally don't have time again this year, but everyone I know that does it has a lot of fun and they are always fun to read.
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Hello all!

July is here, meaning so is Christmas in July, one of my second favorite holiday/celebrations. [livejournal.com profile] vexed_wench and I are hosting the Winterfest in July bingo over at all bingo to celebrate. Our prompt lists are massive and it should be a good time and have been fun the last couple years [livejournal.com profile] vexed_wench has ran it.


(For you bingo lovers, [livejournal.com profile] vexed_wench and I will also be running our Fall Fest bingo again this year in November and [livejournal.com profile] kiramaru7 and I will be hosting iPod Shuffle bingo in December.)

Now, the other thing that has me excited, Shark Week! Last year I was lamenting that no one thought to do a challenge of any kind for Free! during Shark Week last year. I sort of dropped the ball again this year, but if my fellow Free! fans would join me in creating some sort fanwork for the fandom (especially Rin based) sometime this month, that would be awesome.

For those of you who are just intrigued by writing something Shark Week based, I am willing to write up a prompt list for tables or bingos if requested.

Happy writing!

Current Fic List

Mon, Feb. 1st, 2016 07:08 pm
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Updated and Revamped for 2016:

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I was going to do an entry bitching about cell phones, but then I checked my f-list and look what I found:

"Moderators' Choice: Hexbreaker by [livejournal.com profile] kattrip033 for an amazing ride through wild ramen, snagged chicken, casino mayhem, and bathroom snogging -- all in only 269 words."
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I'm off to finish my second summer shorts prompt entry.

Website of the Day:
Am I Annoying?


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