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Originally posted by [ profile] dizzojay at It's almost posting time ...

Here's a little reminder that posting of fic exchange stories starts on Tuesday, 20th June

There are six of us posting, and so we're not going to set out a specific posting schedule, but lets keep things tight, and have all fics and art posted by Sunday 25th June.  That gives us six days to post six fics.

If you're likely to have a problem posting your fic within that time frame, let me know so that we can make some other arrangement.

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Originally posted by [ profile] reeby10 at Art Claims Round 5
Fifth round of story claims are up, let’s definitely make this the last. At the time of this posting, 17 stories are still left. Stories are listed by fandom in alphabetical order and each story is tagged with the story name and a number identifying that story (for my records). These are all great stories that deserve an awesome artist. Please look into your hearts and see if you want to claim any of these. Also, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Bribe them with kisses and pie. I've just checked with my lawyer and it's perfectly acceptable to grab your artist friends and stuff them in a sack and bring them over here*. There will be posts on the tumblr for each fic for easier sharing!

*Actually, my lawyer's words were more like "Don't do that."

To claim a story, please leave a comment below with these details:

First Choice
Title of Story & #:

Second Choice
Title of Story & #:

Willing to Take Both?


Stories are first come, first serve. I'll update this post as stories are claimed. Official posting dates begin on July 8th. Sign-up sheet goes up on June 28th for posting dates. This is a week later than the original date of June 21st, bc we still have so many fics that have not been claimed for art and we want them claimed before posting dates opens.

Authors, if something is wrong with the info for your stories, please let me know ASAP via email.

*Please go to the original post to see the unclaimed stories. Fandoms include Hetalia, Highlander/MCU, Inuyasha, Mad Men, Pacific Rim/MCU, Sherlock, Silmarillion, Star Wars (all verses), and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
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Originally posted by [ profile] hideurdemoneyes at Dean Winchester Big Bang Sign Ups Open!

Sign-ups are open for the 2017-2018 Dean Winchester Big Bang!

Author Sign-up

Artist Sign-up

Beta Sign-up

This is a Bang to celebrate the complex, amazing, heroic eldest Winchester brother.

Sign-ups are open now and will run until July 1st.

Ship fics are welcome, Gen fics are totally welcome - the important thing is that the main focus of the story is Dean himself.

As it was last year, there are two different bangs - Big (minimum 10k and 2 pieces of art) and Mini (minimum 5k and 1 piece of art).

The rest of the rules/FAQ can be found here.

I do have an updated schedule posted to the blog, with check ins and all that - but posting will begin in February of 2018.

There will be some changes to the event to make it run more smoothly than it did last year, including more email communication.

If you have any questions at all - feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


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