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I don’t know if anyone is going to read this but I have to try to get word out somehow. The phone lines are down. I tried the emergency radio but all I got was static. They are everywhere. The university and the local news said there was an outbreak of measles. The health center stared imposing quarantines in the dorms. They started posting guards around campus but it was too late. I can still smell the blood. There was nowhere to hide, nothing to arm ourselves with. A few of us have locked ourselves in the library, but there is no food and there are so many windows. We can all hear them banging and scratching, trying to get in. I don’t know how many survivors there are left outside. We are all scared. The girl next to me won’t stop crying. I’m worried about the basement café. We haven’t been able to figure out how to close off access to it from the outside. We have a barricade at all the doors to the main floor on the main floor but I’m not sure they will hold. The one for the stairway from this floor to the basement café is especially weak. There are so many ways in and not enough or heavy enough furniture to block them all. This was a horrible place to hide. It was the only place left. The banging is getting louder. Please someone help us.

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The logging conference was here Thursday- Saturday last week. We all know what that means, my dad came to visit. Overall it wasn't that bad. Friday he took me to dinner at the Roadhouse, which makes me very happy because it means that I got a steak and a 32 ounce homemade strawberry lemonade. The food there is really a thing of beauty. Saturday morning we went to the logging conference. We took Hairball with us. She really had a lot of fun. It was family day, so there was a lot of competitions to watch. This year they had the BIG equipment there, so I had to really keep an eye on Hairball. The swag wasn't as good as it had been but Hairball got one of the very sought after yardsticks (and was far too happy about it) and I got a Volvo pin, besides all the pens and pencils, stickers and candy. Somewhere, they were giving out baby trees and tote bags but we were tired, so we didn't look for them. Later, Dad and I went shopping, he needed shoes, saw blades, and a u-joint puller, I needed a crochet hook and a 2in clip. We got lost trying to find the other Walmart, so then it became a mission. That was entertaining. We also went to Harbor Freight and I think Austin works there, but I wasn't sure it was him. He isn't one of my friends but I do know him. And I have from a very reliable source that he was one of the assholes that chased us on valentines day with water balloons. But like I said I wasn't 100% sure, so I didn't deck him.

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Mardi Gras

Wed, Feb. 21st, 2007 12:25 am
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Its Mardi Gras! and I did nothing to celebrate, unless you count eating DoughCo. and watching it on the travel channel. I don't. We are all just going to have to wait to hear from Martini and nola. Yeah I have been watching the travel channel a lot lately. I have discovered that although I want to go to Tokyo, I don't think I could handle the subway. I also have been watching the animal channel a lot. I have decided that I want a baby panda to pack around, (of course I'm kidding, by the time they are cute they weight 50 lbs and get bigger, among other reasons). I guess the theme today was that I'm burnt out. It's Tuesday and that means two things: Staff meeting and Bam's Unholy Union.
There is a lot of tension right now at work for many reasons. One is because one of our co-workers/my friend passed away about a week ago. Also our boss, although she is very nice, is proving to have "ineffective management skills" as it was explained in one of my co-worker's business classes. Everyone is getting fed up with it. Some of our more timid employees even complained in person yesterday. Also, for some unknown reason, no one seems to get it. Even the newest employee has been working there for at least two months, most have been working since the middle of September and they still aren't getting it right. And because of this we have to keep hearing the same thing over and over, things are getting screwed up and some of them have very expensive and/or legal consequences if not fixed immediately, and new policy has been put in place that just creates more work for everyone. And on top of it my shifts keep getting closer together (I only work overnights) and people keep attempting to dump their overnight shifts on me, so I'm doubly tired of it.
As for Bam's Unholy Union, it is seriously more entertaining than it really should be, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's not like its insanely stupid or anything (as one would expect), its actually kind of cute and really should be considered quite dull by by reality tv standards. Also I'm trying to tape it for my mom. She has no tv and wants to watch it. I missed taping last week's episode and the three episodes I do have are out of order. Tomorrow at five they are supposed to be playing them all in order but my tv guide is wrong a lot lately. And there is a good chance I'll sleep through it because I have my third midterm in a row tomorrow and I work again tomorrow night. I also am having problems with Hairball but it is more personal than I feel like posting here at the moment.
I must go study now.

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Okay, so it's a bit late. Enjoy it anyway! Part of it is NSFW so it is under a cut:
OMG Zombies )

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