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I'm exhausted. I don't even know why I am writing an entry but oh well. Today started (or yesterday ended I can't be sure) with a several hour panic attack over...well several problems I can't even begin to explain. And Romeo is still adjusting to the house. Today he has taken up just crying and because I don't really know him yet I don't have a clue what he wants or what the problem is. Mostly I think he is lonely. He went from spending 3 months locked in a room with about a dozen other cats to here alone with me and my mother. He is rather playful though when he wants to be. Of course right now he is ripping my pants. Jenny's mom is back from Spain. She and my great aunt took my mother and me out to dinner as a birthday present. She also brought me back 20 Euros. My great aunt brought me flowers. Because of continuing money problems and having not heard back from spotlight video (yes I know it was a holiday weekend), the job hunt continues tomorrow. I'm going to check in at spotlight and there were 2 jobs I was qualified for in the want-ads I'm going to check out. I also have to help my great aunt clean her house (at least she is paying me for it) because she is selling it. It looks like this Friday I will be going to help pick up Jenny in Ashland. I have also been very sick all day. Now to go figure out how to make $1500 in two months. Actually it would be easy if someone would just give me a job. I already made $185 just be having a birthday and tax returns.

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Ok so it wasn't quite a hostile take over of the bathroom but a point was made, and accepted. Well that was all that happened yesterday. Today my mother didn't go into work. Yay? I was sick most of the day and all we did was run errands. But on the plus side I got sushi and didn't have to cook dinner. I also had 100 photos printed. It almost didn't happen because for some reason right now my computer won't burn cds. I think I know what the problem is but it didn't matter in the end because there were 100 photos, of the about 400 or so I wanted printed, that were still on my camera's memory card. The prints sale ended today and it was only for sets of 50 prints and you could only do it twice for this month. I also got a package ready to mail to Hairball. I just need to put postage on it. Mom and I also went into the library today to set up some internet time for tomorrow. I got to see Dori and she was all excited that I was so close to finishing school. It was nice to find someone that was actually excited. And I finally found my cellphone. I wish my day could have been a bit more interesting for you that actually read my journal.

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Lately I have been fairly reflective and nostalgic. I realized I'm not sure if I ever explained why I started my lj, besides the constant poking and prodding from Tini to get one at the time. I figure since it's over a year old now I might as well.
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Ok this weekend was actually pretty good. My mom came and we got along the whole time, mostly. She brought me homemade stroganoff. Yay! We went shopping on friday and saturday. We got lost trying to find Borders on Friday so we went to the mall instead. My mother never gets to go to the mall so she was excited. Her favorite stores there are Claire's and Hottopic. We also went to Toys'r'us. I should probably never be aloud in toy stores. I play with everything and it takes every ounce of my being not to run around the store squealing. On Saturday we went to Saturday Market and she go this wall plaque that says Carpe Noctem. We finally found Borders. So yes, I am finally in possesion of the May Metal Hammer. Unfortunatly, I saw the Classic Rock Magazine with Steven Tyler on the cover but did not have the money to get both. le sigh. Anyway, the rest of the day was spent at thrift stores, Shoes Right Here, the chocolate shop, and several other stores. My mother likes to shop but doesn't get to get out much. At somepoint when we were in my room my mother was watching South Park, yes, its ok to be frightened. She left sunday with about half a carload of my belongings. Yet, when you look in my room it doesn't look like anything is missing. sigh. We were going to get a hotel for one night as a treat away from the dorms and a chance at a private shower. But we decided against it because of how much the vet bills were being estimated at.

Now here comes the bad news, the very bad news. My kitty is sick. My bratty evil cat that everyone hates, that is the center of my universe that I spoil rotten and love as though she is my child is sick. She is very sick. She wasn't eating and she was dehydrated so my mom took her to the vet Friday before she left to come up here. They said that Ruby was just a bit dehydrated and that her teeth were to blame for her not eating and that he was going to keep her over the weekend on an IV and give her a "dental" on Monday and she would be fine. We called Saturday to check on her and they said she was getting better. She was sitting up and screaming at everyone (very normal behavior for her). We went shopping for canned food because he said no more dried food. We got her a new tag for her collar. I looked at toys I was going to get her to say I was sorry for being gone so much. I called mom after she was supposed to pick up Ruby from the vet today. She was crying. Ruby is much worse. She is still dehydrated. They have given her so much fluid she should be over hydrated. She is barley moving. They have her in an oxygen tent. Her temperature is below normal so they have her on a water circulating heating pad. They have ruled out an infection because they have given her very antibiotic they could find with no change. They don't know what is wrong with her. I'm sobbing for hours on the phone and my mom is asking me what I want done with the body. She's not dead yet! I can't go home. I want to go home. I'm stuck here another month. Hairball tried to make me feel better with ice cream and gummi bears. I stopped careing about school and work awhile ago. I've already lost my dog, several family members, and a friend since this hellish school year started. I just want my kitty to be better.

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This is actually kind of old but I wrote it before all the unpleasantness of the last couple of weeks so I thought I'd post it to lighten the mood. Hairball went to Conneticut from Februrary 5-11 for a funeral and so I was left alone and bored, so I wrote about what I did. I put it under a cut because of the length but it's funny and has a couple pictures so enjoy!

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not really a lot of interesting things haave happened since last time i updated but its been about 2 weeks now. on the 18th my drawing lass went to the urab farm to do some drawings and at the end of class what seemed like a billion baby ducks and geese "visited" us. no one got hurt, i think. ok im pretty sure i went to see davinci code that weekened and im pretty sure it was friday but its hard to say because i went with martini and her parents were in town that weekend. that sunday livy came to town and we went to dinner and barnes & noble with martini against my better judgement, i was pretty sick by then and havent gotten much better. i think hairball thinks im dying. i dont really remeber much of the next week mainly because i didnt sleep all week, but on tuesday i know i registered for classes for fall term. i was very desperate for course enough to fill up my credit requirements. here are some that where on my maybe list but didnt make the cut for one reason or another: Finnish 101, Latin 101, women and gender studies 101, african dance, folklore and sexuality (no i dont know what it is), introduction to jewlery making. the winners in this twisted contest were: German cinema, Juggling II (again), billards I (which i will be forced to drop due to time conflicts if i get into ARH 300), German reading for knowledge (which i will drop for my own sanity if i get into ARH 300), Folklore and religion, Gothic sculpture. thursday night martini somehow managed to drag me to the x-men 3 midnight premire ( we left at 10 it started at midnight). dont get me wrong i had fun but i was still sick and exhausted at the time. Friday i got off work at 4 faceplanted on the bed immediately when i got home and woke up at 3pm on saturday which set the tone for my wierd twisted and unfortunatly not productive enough weekend.
sveral conclusions were also made: 1) it is the gerneral concenus of all who know me (except hairball) that i need to get laid. Well no freakin' duh! 2) i should probebly not be allowed to name things. 3) i remind people of wierd things. 4) i get way to excited when i made $20. 5)im no the only one who likes pickles and frosting as a snack. 6)im royaly screwed.
36 days till my birthday.


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