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It has been a rather eye twitchy day, so I am posting semi-silliness.

The July issue is the last issue ever of Shojo Beat magazine, so in honor of that I'm doing a manga list post.

Katrina's 9 Favorite Manga Series! (I couldn't come up with 1 more to make it a top 10)
List! )

Series I am currently reading!
List! )

What I will be reading next! (AKA what out of the 62ish titles at the library interest me atm.)
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Series I want to read! (AKA ones I can't get a hold of or series I didn't start reading from the beginning)
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But I think we all know I'll pretty much read whatever I can get my hands on. :)

So anyone out there have any favorite mangas? Animes?

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Here we go another long-ass update. I figure since I haven't given a real update in over a month, so I thought I would honor you with one of my trade mark very long bullet style updates. It's really long but it's worth it. So get a snack, pull up a chair and Enjoy!

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Wow that was long.

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Emo Porn

Mon, Mar. 26th, 2007 09:02 pm
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So I had planned to do many things today. I was going to go downtown and wander around the galleries and the tourist shops. I was going to play with my new camera and go to the post office. I was also going to go to the library and get some internet time. But it was raining. So instead I stayed home, watched tv, listened to music and read Godchild 2-4. I still have yet to figure out what the explicit content in book 4 is. Can someone explain it to me? Its really just emo porn, but now I am hopelessly addicted. I am anxiously awaiting getting the next book. Its quite sad really. Tomorrow I will have more posts for you but right now I am tired of fighting Franken Herman and the cat. I just thought I'd announce my sad obsession and let you know that I am still alive, cold and wet but still alive.

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Since I haven't been able to update in forever I decided that I should while I still have the chance.

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