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Here we go another long-ass update. I figure since I haven't given a real update in over a month, so I thought I would honor you with one of my trade mark very long bullet style updates. It's really long but it's worth it. So get a snack, pull up a chair and Enjoy!

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Wow that was long.

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Since I haven't been able to update in forever I decided that I should while I still have the chance.

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bloody and sleepy

Wed, Feb. 28th, 2007 11:53 pm
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I'm so ready for this term to be over. If I am not at work or in class, I'm sleeping or at least attempting to. I still haven't gotten those photos posted that I promised. I have to get a paper done early because someone else needs the books now. We live in the same dorm so she decided to work on the same topic so she could get the books from me. I have another paper due in a little over a week. I need to meet with my professor because I managed to sleep through both sets of his office hours, even after I set the alarm. I have been working on my papers. I'm behind on my reading again, but that is normal. My boss is switching desks next week, so I'll have a new boss come monday. Hairball is possibly moving. VeniceBiatch is MIA. She still has my stuff and we need to talk about next year because I'd personally rather not be homeless. Also I have another meeting at work about my grades. I don't know why. I took care of this at the beginning of the term and my grades have improved. I don't know what's going on but I'm glad class has been canceled for tomorrow. To top it all off, its been freezing rain and wimpy snow all day except for that weird little moment of sunshine. On the plus side I did get to register for classes next term and I bought hair dye today. So hopefully next week I'll have new hair. Next term I'm taking Islamic art and architecture, Origins of Abstract art, and history of photography. Not really what I wanted to take but it is what was available. Also as an update I adopted some fetuses and I made some Icons. The icons are on [livejournal.com profile] gummiwolf's profile.

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Winter term

Tue, Feb. 6th, 2007 03:07 am
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Almost there. This term I’m trying to take it easier. I'm only working overnights now, so work isn’t interfering with class and I only have to work 2 days a week, but I still get my 16 hours. It’s still kind of bad though because few of the new people are doing the job right and it’s driving the returnees and my boss nuts. For classes I’m taking Michelangelo to Bormini, Medieval Studies, and Classical Greek Art. Michelangelo to Bormini is a Roman renaissance Architecture art history class. If I had known it was an architecture class, I would have never taken it, but I cant drop it, so I’m just dealing with it. It's taught by this odd retired British guy. I really liked him and then I hated him but now he is growing on me so we shall see how the term goes. Medieval studies is a new art history class, (that has the longest course description ever), that has never been taught before and I’m taking it from the same professor that I took gothic sculpture from last term, but she is doing a lot better this term. She also volunteered to be my advisor, which helped me out a lot so now it looks like I’m graduating at the end of fall 2007 instead of spring 2008. I’m really liking that class so far. Classical Greek art is not really one of my favorite subjects (to say the least) but it is being taught by SuperProf so it’s not too bad. I really like his teaching style and they way he grades, so I might do ok, especially since I am familiar with the way he works. There have only been a couple of highlights this term. One was VeniceBiatch's Tattoo. I went with her when she was getting estimates and I was there when she got it. She ended up getting it at the Parlor instead of HP. Hp is the best when it comes to piercings but they are not the friendliest when it comes to tattoos. The tat is of the ghost ship off a Decembrists album on her butt. Its huge! (The tat not her butt) When we were driving around with Wikkid when she was getting estimates he played one of his cds for me. (He is a DJ) He had a couple mashups I liked. One was lady sovereign/eurhythmics and the other was Madonna/Death Cab for Cutie. The other highlight was DonJohn's birthday party. He turned 20 and his mom got him a room on the VIP floor of the Hilton. So he had a pool party then we all hung out in his room. It was pretty awesome. I met some new people. Even hairball was social-able and had a good time. I was really surprised when TopHatBoy got really excited when he found out I have a deviant art page. I got to know The Rev a lot better and I even danced with him a little. Hairball is teasing me a bit though cause I was switching my time between two boys and they were flirting back and I never do anything like that. Fun was had by all. We left around 11 and we made the Rev take a cab with us cause we didn’t want him walking home alone in the dark, and he lives by us.


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