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Sun, Jun. 21st, 2009 11:18 pm
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Sorry they took so long Mandy.

X-men Origins: Wolverine
Possible Spoilers! )

Star Trek
Possible Spoilers! )

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons
Possible Spoilers! )

Angels and Demons
Possible Spoilers! )

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Possible Spoilers! )

Possible Spoilers! )

Movies I would like to see:
Julie & Julia
My Sister's Keeper - Yes, I know it isn't really the kind of movie I would normally enjoy and it has Cameron Diaz in it but I have been a bit interested in it since the book came out.
Public Enemies
Away We Go
Little Ashes - I know it has Robert Pattinson in it and it got some horrendous reviews but I want to see it anyway.

Websites of the Day:
Godzilla vs. Your Wallet
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Jam: It's a teenage girl walking along the side of the highway. I mean, they, they, they make scary movies that start out like that.
Trip: Hey, but, but they make porno movies that start out like that too, man.

Sorry I just couldn't resist. Anyway, I was going to put this on the end of the last post but decided to give it its own instead.

Now for fun stuff:

Revolver Presents the Most Sick and Twisted , and Totally Metal Horror Movies of all time:
It all started with Black Sabbath )

Rob Zombie Presents the Five Hottest Horror Babes
Just because she's a female gynecologist, doesn't mean she's a lesbian. And even if she was, at least my mom didn't give birth to me while she was on LSD. 'Shrooms! )

Mirai Kawashima of SIGH Presents the Five Most Terrifying Japanese Horror Films
What! That's insane, I said Hey, little kid, you know where I could take a piss? )

Mike Patton of FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, FANTOMAS, TOMAHAWK, PEEPING TOM, ET AL. Presents the Five Most Spine-tingling Horror Soundtracks
well, as they say in the Tampon biz, see you next period. )

Andrea Ferro of LACUNA COIL Presents the Five Most Bloodcurdling Italian Horror Movies

Paul Booth tattooist to the Metal Gods Presents the Five Grossest Gross-out Scenes
So far tonight you've seen me and my dick throw up. )

Future Tense
The Most Metal Horror Movies Coming Soon
Now there's an intelligently biting remark wrought with wit and irony )

Well I hope you enjoyed yet another list from a magazine. Also if you didn't notice, all of the cuts (except the first one) are movie quotes. Try to name the movie!
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A slide show of what the Kim Morgan thinks are the best 10 Brad Pitt movies ever and her reasons why. Although she has some valid arguments, I still couldn't help but be a bit disappointed some of my personal favorites did not make the list. Did all of yours?

The Best of Brad Pitt
By Kim Morgan
MSN Movies

For those of you who don't want to read through the slide show I have put the list under a cut:
Top Ten )


Sun, Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:54 am
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Fall term is long over and done with but it was my last term at school. A lot happened then and I don't actually remember the details too well. But it was important enough and eventful enough that I thought that I should at least try to sum up my last term, under a cut of course.

the end )

Not that I haven't bored you enough with my vague account of fall term but there will be a part two! But not until after breakfast, and maybe a nap.

Happy Halloween

Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007 09:01 pm
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I hope you are all having an awesome Halloween. At work I dressed up as the filing fairy. My boss gave me fluorescent Blue temporary hair dye as a present. I also went by the area desk and got some candy as well as trick or treating on facebook. Originally Hairball and I had planned on doing a movie night at her house while we put together my graduation announcements, but we both had to cancel. I then planned on doing the free online horror film festival. It featured the classics Night of the Living Dead, Dementia 13, Horror Hotel, Black Sabbath, The Ape, I Eat Your Skin, Mania, My Son the Vampire, and Countess Dracula. But my midterm got moved to November 1st, so now I shall have no fun and study instead. Ok, so I had a little fun. I splurged on dinner. I got shrimp bento box and a Philly roll (sushi) from downstairs. I shall make up for it on Friday.
Have fun!

website of the day:
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I made Pocket choke on his ice cream cone. We were talking about my piercing and then he was giving me a bad time about leaving in December, so I said "I would only be staying here to get more piercings." Then he choked. You had to be there, but he likes my nose ring.

I have finally seen the Guru.

This crusty old guy told me I had a beautiful smile. It was unexpected and came at the right time. Because it caught me completely off guard and seemed genuine, it brightened my day.

Amazingly my piercing is a week old and it is doing well. I have managed to keep to the care instructions very well and no infections or anything. Go me!

I have been basically living off sushi and water. Granted it's sushi from the school bistro but hey it is better than some of the sushi at some of the restaurants around here.

This is awesome:

Thursday night was the premiere of the new season of CSI. My roommate invited my friend powerpuffboy to come watch it with us because he has no tv and really wanted to see if Sarah dies. (Sadly, she does not.) This irked me a little because even though he is my friend, and we were going to watch it anyway, and I really don't mind too much if he comes over, she asked him without asking me first. It shouldn't bug me but it does a little bit. He called me afterward to tell me that he left his sweatshirt there and if it would be ok if he left it there till another day. I, of course, said yes, and now because of it I have gotten to meet the girlfriend. She was in town today and he decided to pick up the sweatshirt. She is a very sweet girl and I am glad I finally got to meet her.

It is weird being back here because everyone I know is at a totally new place in their lives then they were last time I saw them. I see more people that I know then I have any other school year but in completely new contexts. Pocket isn't an RA anymore, now he is a complex director assistant. The DAs that stayed are no longer my coworkers. There are people I lived with their freshmen years (my sophomore, junior and 1st senior years) are in my classes and it is the first time I have seen them since we lived together. The list goes on and on.

Friday, Hoobie and I went to Spirit. I could have spent forever in there. I was having one of those "I'll take one of everything please" moments. I managed to leave with only on purchase of an $8 top hat. How we may never know. Halloween is truly my favorite holiday. I'm going back on Tuesday because they are getting a new shipment in.

I am a little bummed because this weekend was a Zombie walk, nudie sushi night, and Fetish night and, for various reasons, I had to miss them all.

Another reason to go back to Spirit. There is this guy that works there. Do I really need to add more details? He is the one that told me about the shipment coming in and the Zombie night. He also went out of his way to say bye to me when Hoobie and I left the store. I wonder what costume he will be wearing this time.

Hairball and I made it to Saturday Market. She bought a fabulous hat. There are pictures of the fabulous hat. One day I may finish uploading photos to facebook and flickr and you will be able to see them. Hopefully this will remain a standing appointment for us for the rest of the season.

On Sunday, I dragged my roommate out of our room because I was tired of watching her mope about with nothing to do. We went to the mall and I now own my first HIM t-shirt. It was the first one I have ever seen in my size. We also went to target and the movies. Target was more entertaining than it should have been. The toy section and the holiday section had me practically drooling and I was able to price flash drives. We also both finally got to see The Simpsons Movie. It was well worth the wait. I was singing spider pig all the way home.

For the HIM fans: There have been a bunch of good links to listen to radio interviews on Valo Daily. I would make links to them but I have a feeling that by the time I post this some of the links would be expired and it is a lot of work to post that many, so you will have to search on your own. But they are worth the search.

Website of the day:
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Blah, I didn't really do anything Thursday other than some light house work and talk to Tini. Did I mention she has internet again? YAY! I was going to gut my facebook page and update it (even though it will probably look exactly the same when I'm done) but all I did was rearrange some of the boxes and add movies/reviews to my movies application. And apparently I turned a vampire and another zombie. Go me. Although my vampire underling has already surpassed me. Friday I did nothing.
Saturday on the other hand, I went to CC all day. Mostly I went shopping for pet stuff and work shoes for mom. We ended up getting Romeo a little cube thing he loves to death and a fuzzy faux fur pet bed he avoids like the plague. Before that we went to go take pictures of a mural for my dad. A friend of his that passed a few years ago had been painted into it and he will probably never make it down there to go see it. We also visited my aunt and uncle while we were there to find out more info about my cousin's wedding. I ended up spending most of that time talking to my uncle about computer games and cartoons. He loves to play Diablo online and chat in the forums. Another of my cousins came over and I spoke with her for a little bit because she got her nose pierced a year ago and I was wondering where she got it done around here. She got it done at the Del Norte fair, which is next month. We also found out that a man we knew committed suicide about three months ago and possibly killed his mother. Later when we got home we watched Marie Antoinette.
Sunday was kind of a lazy day. I worked on designing announcements. Mom got Romeo a new collar. He keeps attacking the bell on it. We ran errands. I had more photos printed off. Mom made me so we could show dad the mural. While we were waiting for the photos to print, mom and I wandered around Blockbuster. As always there were so many movies I wanted to see. Mom wasn't very interested in anything. We rented nothing. We went to go visit my dad. T9 is finally done and has its decals on the side. Dad gave me a tiny version of the decal. I have no idea where I am going to put it. I played on my computer trying to see if I can burn cds. I can burn music onto cds but for some reason I cannot burn other kinds of files anymore. As I said earlier I think it is because of the dvd player being set to a region 2 player and it is the same drive. It is still disturbing and if that is the reason, why can I burn music? Except when I burn music or play the love metal archives dvd, the computer says that the d drive isn't accessible (I don't remember what it says exactly but that is what it amounts to) and when I highlight files the option of "copy file to CD" should appear under folder tasks but it doesn't. I will figure something out but not being able to back up my computer scares me. I have lost everything too many times before.
I also discovered that the type of goldfish I have been looking for are called Black Moores. I'm not getting any at the moment though because they require a filtered tank (goldfish are actually quite fussy) and I just don't have one at the moment.
Romeo also has a new trick he has been showing off. When I am laying on the couch, he climbs up on to the back of the couch, puts his butt on one side of the couch, his head and forelegs on the other, and slides down on his belly on to me. It is almost disturbing really.
Today I worked on my room. It will probably being an ongoing project into the next milenia at this rate. I also planted some catnip. It was also Romeo's first day outside. It went ok for a little bit but then he got freaked and walked out of his harness (he needs a new one but mother is convinced she can make the one from the dollar tree work). Once he was captured, I sat down with him in the grass and just held him in my lap and he did just fine. Until a bunch of cars went by and we decided it was time he went back inside. I also made dinner tonight. I was really lazy so it was all stuff we had that was premade and I just heated it up, basically. It tasted marginal, it didn't go well together, and it was all finger food, but my presentation was fantastic. And in my mother's book that is the important thing. I also realized today that I have tipped the $1000 mark out of the $1500 that I need to make. Not bad for someone that can't find a job.
Blah it is too hot to do anything so I think I am going to go climb in the freezer now.

Websites of the day:
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So much for finishing anything. The only thing I did today was work on my charm bracelet. It was like pulling teeth to get the parts away from my mother last night. I don't know what it is but she has this thing about me being in possession of my own jewelry. She also gets really upset if anyone other than her works on my broken or jewelry that is in pieces. She has no time to work on them and its my jewelry why can't I work on putting it back together? Anyway, it is all really tiny pieces that require tiny sharp tools. I spent 3 hours just to get one charm on. I'm not even close to getting all my charms on. I am also still looking for some. I made brownies today too. They were awful. They were made from this weird mix. Even mom didn't like them. She suggested soaking them in Cognac and setting them on fire.
I only set off 2 fireworks tonight. So sad I know. It isn't a whole lot of fun alone. This is also the first year we have had to buy fireworks in about 8 years. The ones mom got were kind of lame. She got a giant box of spinners, and 2 boxes of screaming fountains, and these weird crackling things. In the back yard we have this big cement slab. I lit off one of the crackling things in the middle of it and the whole slab was not enough to contain it. And I hate those screaming fountains. At least the neighbor kids had fun. They have been lighting off fireworks for a couple days now and they are still at it. It is the first time in a long time we have had kids in the neighborhood. Most of them had moved away or were over 16 by the time I was 8. Its kinda cool really. There are several of them and they all play instruments, including the drums, all night long. And they have dogs that bark. They run around the neighborhood like crazy people. The oldest, she is 13 or 14 I think, has blue hair and seems to always be wearing ripped tights whenever I see her in town. Its almost like life has been breathed into the neighborhood. Too bad they are moving.
I'm surprised my dad didn't call because he said he would call before my birthday and my birthday is tomorrow and he hasn't called.
And no tv was coming in at all today. The better the weather, the worse the tv comes in. So I finished season 5 of Viva la Bam and watched it again with the commentary. Mom even likes it with the commentary. She asks a lot of questions and comments while we are watching but they are all valid. Like "where is that guy from?" (Jussi from 69 Eyes) or "Wow they have a lot of music on there" (watching the credits). I am just babbling now. I also watched Jane Eyre (George C. Scott and Susanah York)and OF Human Bondage (Betty Davis). I suppose I will stop boring you now and maybe I go to bed like a normal person.

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Today I got off my ass and applied somewhere. Their exact response was "she'll [the person who does the hiring] call you when she sees it [my application]. So I have no idea if they are going to give me a job or not. Today was also my niece's birthday. She is officially a teenager. Yay. Mom and I went to her party at grandma's house. Technically she is my sister's grandmother but I still call her grandma. It was exactly as one would expect it to be but I got to see grandma, my sister, my sister's dad, my nephew and my brother-in-law and I haven't seen any of them since I got home. I saw my niece when she hit us up for cans for a can drive to raise money so one of their friends can have brain surgery. I'm kinda bummed that I lost all of my greeting cards. Last August there was a sale on greeting cards so I stocked up for the year and now I can't find them. I was also disappointed to find out that my niece, sister and brother-in-law all owe my nephew money. I am a tad protective of him. I am also slightly shocked that not only does my brother-in-law have a job but he has actually managed to keep it for a few weeks. My sister's dad is also selling his car for a very reasonable price. Its a 79 Corvette T-Top. I won't be buying it but it would be sweet. If I did buy it my sister would also kill me. I also FINALLY got to listen to Euro Rock Radio for the first time since I have been home. Well I listened the best I could. Have you ever tried listening to online radio on dial-up? The first night I tried but we had no internet and later I found out it was HIM night. Then the next Tuesday it was the day of silence. SERIOUSLY GO TO AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. DON'T LET THE MUSIC DIE.
Also the sound on Fox was still out today, so I finished watching season 4 of Viva la Bam and then watched it again with the commentary on. Then I started watching season 5. Later I may watch Jane Eyre with George C. Scott and Sussanah York and Of Human Bandage with Betty Davis. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish cleaning my room or something so I feel like I actually accomplished something. Maybe I'll even find out I have a job. Considering it's the 4th tomorrow I doubt it. I didn't think about that when I applied.

Website of the day:
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Yay my history of photography paper is done! Wait what? I have 2 more papers to write? Research papers?! And then I have finals! And sushi night was canceled!! *sigh* So why am I writing an entry? Oh yeah youtube obsession.

"Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley feat. Allison Krauss is such a pretty song and there are tons of youtube videos for I have discovered:
there are 3 POTC ones but this is my favorite:
Firefly version:
remember Pretender anyone?:

I was also going to do a review of Uneasy Listening vol. 2 but lets just say I like it better than vol. 1, especially the first three songs and leave it at that.

website of the day:
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So many things have happened in the last couple days I haven't really had time to update.
Sunday: Dad called with an update on the graduation party plans. Mostly it was a guest list update. I told him My grandmother was coming but he has yet to realize that he hasn't told my mother about the party yet. Good thing I did so the fireworks are already over with, I hope. I know 2 of my sisters are not coming but the other one we aren't sure about. She got and award and will be flying to Chicago the weekend before and they are going to some sort of amusement park the weekend before that.
Monday: The Hoobie was released! And then I had an unrelated breakdown of some sort. I was really in rare form this time. I got a little better and talked to Martini for a little bit. Then I had to go to work. I attempted to work on my paper but ultimately I ended up making play-dough flowers for 2 hours. I was happy that I could help RC with his homework. He was a real sweetheart and let me be weird for awhile. I was kinda surprised when he walked in with a hair cut and blue hair. Did I mention That I also missed class? There is way more to this but I'm not going to go into it. I also ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon.
Tuesday: I made it to class! Ok it felt like a complete waste of time but I got my midterm for my Origins of Abstract Art class. I got a B. Hooray. I also got my second History of Photography paper assignment. I have picked out several images to possibly do my paper on but I run them by the professor and she canceled her office hours this week. Oh and we have a Test in that class tomorrow morning and she didn't post the study guide until last night. I also got my housing contract for next year. My spirits were lifted a bit after finally talking to Hairball and listening to Him night.
Today: I am finally on the official graduation list now. I also finally got to talk with my Islamic Art and Architecture class professor about my paper for her class. She cried in class today. At work we had an end of the year meeting with all 3 area desks together. We sat through a presentation. Then all the superiors said their thank yous and such to everybody. I was one of the people singled out by name, which made me a minor center of attention later when we were having pizza and cake. I got to catch up with some people and I even got a hug and some congratulations. And DW was embarrassed around me for the 4th time in 3 days. Bless him. It was nice to catch up with CW, NC, DK, IL, MN, CO, and all the other lovely people than came and spoke to me tonight. I also think I have convinced my boss to dye a streak of her hair turquoise. Then I walked home and watched Jackass 2 again. And now since I have found my missing text books I'm off to go study.
I know this all sounds very boring. I guess you had to be there.

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Since I haven't been able to update in forever I decided that I should while I still have the chance.

text )

Website of the day:
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not really a lot of interesting things haave happened since last time i updated but its been about 2 weeks now. on the 18th my drawing lass went to the urab farm to do some drawings and at the end of class what seemed like a billion baby ducks and geese "visited" us. no one got hurt, i think. ok im pretty sure i went to see davinci code that weekened and im pretty sure it was friday but its hard to say because i went with martini and her parents were in town that weekend. that sunday livy came to town and we went to dinner and barnes & noble with martini against my better judgement, i was pretty sick by then and havent gotten much better. i think hairball thinks im dying. i dont really remeber much of the next week mainly because i didnt sleep all week, but on tuesday i know i registered for classes for fall term. i was very desperate for course enough to fill up my credit requirements. here are some that where on my maybe list but didnt make the cut for one reason or another: Finnish 101, Latin 101, women and gender studies 101, african dance, folklore and sexuality (no i dont know what it is), introduction to jewlery making. the winners in this twisted contest were: German cinema, Juggling II (again), billards I (which i will be forced to drop due to time conflicts if i get into ARH 300), German reading for knowledge (which i will drop for my own sanity if i get into ARH 300), Folklore and religion, Gothic sculpture. thursday night martini somehow managed to drag me to the x-men 3 midnight premire ( we left at 10 it started at midnight). dont get me wrong i had fun but i was still sick and exhausted at the time. Friday i got off work at 4 faceplanted on the bed immediately when i got home and woke up at 3pm on saturday which set the tone for my wierd twisted and unfortunatly not productive enough weekend.
sveral conclusions were also made: 1) it is the gerneral concenus of all who know me (except hairball) that i need to get laid. Well no freakin' duh! 2) i should probebly not be allowed to name things. 3) i remind people of wierd things. 4) i get way to excited when i made $20. 5)im no the only one who likes pickles and frosting as a snack. 6)im royaly screwed.
36 days till my birthday.
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Ok, so I am FINALLY doing laundry, not nearly all of my laundry but my laundry none the less. Anyway, I thought since I’m doing laundry I could either work on my research paper or write a live journal entry. Guess which one I decided to do…
Well I guess I’ll begin at the beginning, which I guess is spring break. Nothing particularly exciting happened over spring break except that my problem child (Herman, my old computer that many of you have heard me whine about for a couple of years finally died several months ago) after several months has been taken in to get fixed and I went to see The Hills Have Eyes with Martini. It wasn’t really a bad movie. It had some plot line problems but other than that it was pretty good.
Then classes started again. This term I am taking The Art of Archaic Greece, Rome in the Age of Bernini, Drawing, and German 203. I was taking “If the shoes fits wear it, fetishism and anxiety in literary studies” but I had to drop it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that class. It was interesting and challenging. But I understood nothing and at 5 am, after being up for two days working on the first paper and only being able to come up with three sentences and the paper being due at 2pm and I had other classes that day. I had to make a decision and I dropped it. Decisions made a 5am may not be the most well thought out decisions but they are the most honest ones you’ll make all day. I felt much better, my mother was slightly upset because if I had dropped two days earlier I would have gotten a partial tuition refund but oh well.
The day after I started classes I had to go back to work. This term I am only working 10-16 hours a week instead of 15-22. It’s bad for my paycheck but good for my sanity. It was a good first day back though; one of the residents gave me a balloon.
In other news, this term I have managed to sneak off and see three movies and a drag show with Martini. We saw The Wild, with our beloved Eddie Izzard as the voice of Nigel the koala. We also saw Thank you for Smoking and Art School Confidential, which are both fabulous movies I think everyone should see.
Also my friend DJ got a Drag mother and won his first drag contest wan we are very proud of him.
I think I need to put my clothes in the dryer.
49 days till my birthday.


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